i dint know i cld do it

Posted 28-08-2006 at 03:40 PM by sunayna
best time of my life is NOW

Our CAT classes ka team went out for a outbound training.
it was absolutely amazing.
i dint know i cld do so much
call me lazy….but the only exercise i do is walk from station to home and back
and i was amazed at myself wen i did rappelling, River crossing, kayaking, and rope climbibg

Ya, ive included rope climbibg tooo..i dint know i cld climb a rope.
usually in movies…rope climbig is shown really tuff and a reason for someone to get B grade in gym class.
and ther i was…climbing a rope…
things are not as bad as they look…at times.

there were some who dint, wen i went ahead to cheer them…the feeling was amazing.

me…who is too lazy to even walk ….. run…actually told ppl..”if i cld climb it,so can u”

funny thing, one of my friends….pria (she is gonna kill me if she knows abt this) was climbing. and she cldnt do it…so i strted cheerin…”go pria go”and she stopped climbing and yelled back “shutup..ur barely 60 kg…and im more than 70..so go sit,..and lemme climb”
well….my work ther was done…she climbed up and came downa fter me 😛
well..as long as she climbed…i was satisfied

😆 😆 😆

kayaking was fun too…i cant swim…i learnt swimming wen i was in the 8th std…and havent gone swimming after tht….
so..i asked for someone who actually knew swimming to go with me.
it was fun…i was made to sit in the front…and boy..were the arks heavy

my hands are still aching.
not just hands….everything but my hair is aching

but did i enjoy it..oh ya
we stayed in tree houses..it was amazing
it had everything
from bed to western toilet.(hush)
lights ..mirrir…2 fans…
it also had a balcony…hihih…i was shell shocked.

best part was rappelling
before going down, i told my sir to take good snaps of me….incase i die, my parents shd know the real reason i died
sir said “chup kar..kuch nai hoga..drama company”
the initial step is the most important.
once u get the hang of it..its simple.
i did slip and hurt my elbow…and was shaking wen i reeached the ground….but it was good fun

now…each part of my body is aching…
but it was all worth it!
u shd do it…atleast once a month.
im joining a club soon!

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