MY library

Posted 15-09-2006 at 05:47 PM by sunayna
since i am preparing for killing the CAT..i visit my library often…
its a place to study.

the first day..i hated it,
being used to friendly conversation of my librarian and sr clerk in college..their stiffed lip arrogance dint appeal to me at all
i came back..sayin tht i HATE it. im not going there again
no one smiled at me on my first day….they make me wear a badge wen i am inside….AC is on powerblast…leaves me freezing…
Yuck yuc yuck

second day..i had to go…had relatives comin…
mom wld make me help her cook..
the lib looked like a better option
and i dragged myself ther.
and as i was climbing the steps of the entrance…the guard smiled at me..
i was shocked.

it somehow …. was a figment of my imagination maybe.
i adjusted sooon
and now i like it.
ive made frenz already
i go in my pajamas..much to my mom’s dislike..

ppl come all dressed up ther…make up and all..
i get up at 730.and i brush and have Breakfast and leave.
have to catch my fav place beside the window.
come back for lunch….we usually get only half an hour…if u dont return to ur seat…its given to someone else.
it happened to me today.
i was annoyed.i lost my seat.
i was made to sit near the aisle.
sad seat.
i missed my window..and i made no attempt in hiding it.
while leaving…uncle told me “kal time pe aana”
i felt like showing him my tounge…but i smiled … as politely as i cld…and left.

it doesnt have the best of books…for doesnt have “Atlas Shrugged”…i still dont believe can they NOT have tht book
but, Overall, it has a wonderful collection ….. i shdnt be complaining.
probably its not time for me to read it…
i know i had to wait for “Fountain head” ..and
“To kill a mocking bird” for ages..and they suddenly appeared frm the blue…Fountain head ka copy was new..and my college librarian knew i was dying to read he let me have it first..
and fot “To kill a mocking bird”..i was searchin for it on the shelf..and vini told me tht she is carryin it ..and its in her bag…

so probably….. same is gonna happen with atlas shrugged too.

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