Scared to travel? Don’t be

Posted 24-05-2008 at 04:50 PM by sunayna
There are some things that we learn by reading, some by watching other people and some only by experiencing. Traveling is one of those things I think.
I have always been very reluctant to travel. my family makes a big deal about traveling. They start making arrangements days in advance, pack more than what is required and think of every minute detail to be on the safestest side.

So, I have always been apprehensive about traveling, and traveling alone has been and still is a huge thing. During my interview, I was asked if I was ok with traveling, and I had said a very blunt no. The person taking my interview also told me that he is very careful with women traveling and he sees to it that all arrangements are made safely. That did not console me whatsoever abut he took me in knowing that i was reluctant to travel though i might have to travel as we are opening stores in Hyd etc.

My first trip was with him to pune and it was extremely comfortable. When i was assigned the Hyd project, I was a little reluctant about it but not extremely scared as i was sent with a guy who is par excellence with his work and a simply amazing human being to work with. As a matter of fact, i was looking forward to go to Hyd

I was extremely over prepared. Honestly.He was carrying a small bag and a backpack whereas i had a proper suit case along with a backpack and my over filled purse. Though i didn’t have to carry my suitcase
My family helped me think of every possible thing that could happen on the trip and prepared me for the worst. I carried bandages, torch, chocolate, extra blanket, bottle of water, books to read, ipod, alarm phone, food, 2 extra pair of clothes and a lot lot lot other stuff…only thing i forgot to carry was needle and thread (Seen DDLJ )

But as they say, one should experience something to comment on it. As a child whenever i was presented with a new bhaji, or any new food item, i would mostly say no to it. My mausi always scolded me…still does. She says that one should never reject food…or any new idea for that matter. Food is scared when it comes to you, even if you don’t want it, take a small bite and then say thank you for it. I have not reached this level yet but my sense of adventure has definitely increased as i like trying everything once now a days, probably when it came to traveling, i became the old sunayna and needed the compulsory push out of my comfort system to experience it and i am very thankful that i got it.

The train ride was very scenic. i had taken a book on Rabindranath Tagore to keep me company thinking it was a book by Tagore. i don’t know if it was the boring book or the interesting company i had with the scenic view and the lovely gulmohar and oak trees…but i barely read my book.

I absolutely enjoyed the privacy and the solitude i got in the hotel room. A welcome change than staying with family not that i didn’t miss them. The best part about the hotel was its spacious bathroom, it sounds funny but you have to see the size of my current bathroom to understand why i am so gaga about the hotel’s bathroom. When i asked my colleague that what is it that he would miss, he said that he has never laughed so much before for 3 days. even though he laughed on me most of the time, i take it as one of the best compliments i have ever received.

The food there was too good. We had the ever famous hyderabadi biryani. there was this yummy pinachikky ice cream made from pineapple. It was really divine.

So, if you are scared of doing something in life, think about the fun i had on my trip to hyd for which i was ready to sacrifice the job opportunity and go ahead and do it.

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a good post.. vivid, titillating yet sufficiently anonymous.
and am I glad that you are travelling.. almost on your own! that’s great.

but every time i read a new post, i know that you have moved on, doing new things, transforming your life a little. and i know that i know you less now than i used to..

ah.. this thing, maybe you wanna throw some more light on it, i have been scratching my head a little

..Food is scared when it comes to you..

really? are you that scary? hihi..

keep writing..

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Posted Yesterday at 07:55 AM by _amit_

thIngs that don’t make sense – part 5

Posted 30-04-2008 at 04:21 PM by sunayna

I don’t know why people do this. I have seen kids, teens, some elders do it too. Some do it on purpose to annoy others, some accidentally with a worried look on their face.

The other day I was in the train, and as I have observed before, trains are a fun place to observe people. Even if they are sleeping, there is something funny going on somewhere… so, I was in the train, and there was a mom, son and daughter sitting bang opposite me. The kid removed a 1 litre bottle of water which was half full and the bottle started making crackling noises. He obviously had covered the opening completely .It got to the point where the kid who wanted to do it intentionally seemed confused for some time and then worried. I think he got stuck and didn’t know what to do. He started pulling, I don’t think it was easy coz he looked scared. His mom hit him and told him to stop doing it and when she realized the gravity of the situation, helped him pull it. he threw some air back and I think the bottle cranked and finally left him free and as soon as this happened, his mom gave him a jhaap and he just sniggered.

It is not just kids, recently I saw a very mature looking guy do it. I don’t know id if it was intentional or not, but I am trying to understand the reason. It will be completely wrong to say that I have never drank like that earlier, but I honestly don’t remember why I did it. I guess it was to experiment… I found the choking nothing close to pleasant or amusing. Still don’t understand why people do it.

Peepal tree

Peepal tree

Posted 30-04-2008 at 04:18 PM by sunayna
Leaves of the peepal tree are so interesting. They are light green in colour and the contrast they set against the dark green trees and the light blue sky is pleasant to look. When there is breeze, they seem to be dancing without any inhibitions. They for some reason look so glad and seem to enjoy being alive

Cross connections

Posted 25-04-2008 at 05:58 PM by sunayna
Has anyone noticed that the number of cross connections lately is as good as zero? I was reading a shashi tharoor article some Sunday’s back and he mentioned how pathetically slow getting a phone connection was earlier. And even if you did get one, they wouldn’t work. And even if they worked, half of the connections would be wrong and sometimes one would just pick the phone and realize that there are two parties already talking and you are listening to them without them letting know. Talk about invasion of privacy!!!

And then, I saw an old utpal datt movie some days back and he heard a cross connection and the lady talking called him a Buddha. Though it was fun to watch, I realized that there are no cross connections any more. Isn’t it weird, how art actually does imitate life? There are no cross connections in movies now a days as well.

Its strange how art truly depicts life.

Destiny will now have to come up with innovative ways now to make things happen


Posted 04-04-2008 at 05:29 PM by sunayna
They say variety is the spice of life. But then again, too much spice is bad for the digestive system. And similarly, too much variety just messes up your ability to make a simple decision.

I recently bought a new cell. It was more difficult than I imagined it to be. The numbers still drive me nuts. I had a moto which was gifted to me by my bro. It is a nice flip flop flip flop phone. I have no idea about the name of the model or least of all on the number. It is navy blue and weighs like a stone. Its almost what I would call bulky, but I liked it. It looked good on me. Its 3 yrs old now and I was planning to buy a new cell soon.

Just when I was planning to get a new cell, the display light for my moto stopped working, and I landed up with the urgent necessity to buy one.

I was keen on sony ericson as people tell me that the sound quality is good, and though it is a little difficult to manage, trust me, nothing can be more complex than my moto. The answer key is on the right side while the red cut off key is on the left, for the first week, out of habit, I cut most of the calls I received. But then people told me that the battery for nokia will last lot longer than an ericson. And I am the last person to charge my battery…my battery is always low. So nokia it was, I’l probably buy an ericson later.

Now I had to have FM and mp3 with of course an excellent camera.

The nokia dealership guy suggested nokia 6233.

My friend told me that it is a very very simple looking phone. And I liked the idea as it reflected my personality. I am simple looking but got lots inside me.

I removed prices from 3-4 dealers, it ranged from 6900 to 7K

I wanted it in black, and I guess, so did a lot of other people. Stocks were just not available.

Next I found that the price was increased because of this sudden demand, and it was now selling for something close to 7500

So, while looking around, I came across N72. This too was recommended by a few stores looking at my needs. And next thing I know, it has gone from 8400 to 7900.

I figured that if I had to pay, then might as well put some extra and geta N series…which everyone told me was lot better than 6233

To compare, 6233 had infrared, but N72 doesn’t. it really doesn’t matter to me as I honestly don’t know what infrared could do. As I asked around, I realized that Bluetooth was enough. Though I don’t know what Bluetooth can do, I am ok with it. Plus N72 came with a data cable and car kit, I am sure if it lasts till I get a car, I will be gladder to have bought it.

I went online, to check reviews for N72. While browsing, I saw that it is available in 3 shades. Black, Ivory pink and silver. I simply fell head over heels with the ivory pink colour. It looked so sleek plus it had matching headphones. I knew I had to get it.

I was supposed to get it a day before holi, but no one had ivory pink. Here we go again I thought. My dad told me that there is a plum colour available. i checked the sites, but didn’t find a single pic regarding this.

2 days passed. And I asked a few people around. One of my friends boss carries the same phone. I asked him if it looked like a toy, he said yes it did…but he added that I could carry it.

And then, i decided that pink is way too feminine for me and plum would be a decent choice

I am glad I did. It is a superb phone. Not as slow as I was warned…and looks as sleek as I wanted it to.

I even bought a cover for it…the phone looks precious. Though, not much has changed, I still don’t answer back to my missed calls, I still keep it switched off at night and weekends. But I love the memory capacity. I can store more than 18 msg’s and can transfer them on my comp with the help of the moto has cute snaps which I can’t do anything about but now, I can click and get them on my comp and send it. So Yippie.

I think I will like it even better when I understand what all it can really really do.

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Welcome to the NOKIA Family . I m sure the short stint of ur association with NOKIA family would be fruitful one ( Much better than MOTO , music , Extented memory , Pics , Bluetooth connectivity – It woul be nice experience )

SOMETHINGS never CHANGE , do they ?? Be it MOTO or N72 , ur gonna be same – New phone / Old phone , Living in Manhataan / Borivali – Phone will always remain on silent , no reply for messages – U were right – Somethings never change , hoona bhi nahi chahiye na , always keeping ppl guessing , SHROUDED MYSTIC ,,,, With Frnds wondering – Kyan hain jii – Yeh Kudi – Always SHUTTING Up from world @ her will -But with new aagman ( new Begining – N72 )- Ur frnd wants one promise – Whenever ur frnds messages u its URGENT / ur can sense Urgency – Do revert back .

And Yippie – Stay on , Live on ..Keep writing …….Long time passed between ur COCKROACH POST and these POST ( N 72 ) …Two anthitthethical stand . Expressing myriad of emotion . One analysing , questioning and dissecting the topic , which we normal human care DAMN about and other ..Logical thoughflow of emotions a many – You know something , way u write , one could just visualise , the entire process ( especially N – 72 , one – feels one is active participant in ur story ). Just wondering ,..How many suprises are in store – From these Ek Lootha SPeicmen _ Sunayna . chillax , dont mind

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Posted 06-04-2008 at 08:34 AM by hello_howrudoing hello_howrudoing is offline


Posted 08-03-2008 at 08:27 PM by sunayna
I am probably questioning science here, but I can’t understand the logic behind having cockroaches. Truly, what was God thinking?

As per the food chain, flies are still ok as frogs eat them, spiders too survive on fleas and mosquitoes and flies. So ok, but what about cockroaches? Y do we have them?

I am not scared of them as long as they are not on me or extremely close to me, I used to be, not any more, but I have this question every time I see them. Y Y Y!!!
We could do without them, couldn’t we?

I researched a little to find that there is something that looks like a lizard, its called “Gecko” They eat cockroaches…but y do we need these geckoes in the first place? We could survive without cockroaches and geckoes for sure.

You will probably think that I have finally lost it asking you to read this, but I didn’t know that
• Cockroaches could mate without a partner
• Could live without their head
• Liked to eat glue derived of animal protein
• And ate other dead and immobile things.
The site actually ended up being an interesting read, so if u got nothing better to do, pay that site a visit, let me know the response though

by Muriel Rukeyser
from The Gates, McGraw-Hill, 1976
For that I never knew you, I only learned to dread you,
for that I never touched you, they told me you are filth,
they showed me by every action to despise your kind;
for that I saw my people making war on you,
I could not tell you apart, one from another,
for that in childhood I lived in places clear of you,
for that all the people I knew met you by
crushing you, stamping you to death, they poured boiling
water on you, they flushed you down,
for that I could not tell one from another
only that you were dark, fast on your feet, and slender.
Not like me.
For that I did not know your poems
And that I do not know any of your sayings
And that I cannot speak or read your language
And that I do not sing your songs
And that I do not teach our children
to eat your food
or know your poems
or sing your songs
But that we say you are filthing our food
But that we know you not at all.
Yesterday I looked at one of you for the first time.
You were lighter than the others in color, that was
neither good nor bad.
I was really looking for the first time.
You seemed troubled and witty.
Today I touched one of you for the first time.
You were startled, you ran, you fled away
Fast as a dancer, light, strange and lovely to the touch.
I reach, I touch, I begin to know you.

Having said all this, I still don’t know the logic of having them on earth, but I know that I have made a lot of people curious.
also, the site showed me that a lot of people are curious to know about cockroaches. i can’t question God, but if i could, hmmmm…..i still wouldn’t waste my chance on knowing about the reason for cockroaches. 😛

Answer to one of the things that didn’t make sense

Posted 05-03-2008 at 11:55 AM by sunayna
well…i was amused to know that the term “corner stone” meant the most important stone.
i had written about it a few months back.
recently i posted this in a orkut community
and i got the answer to it, and a very logical one too.

in earlier days, the mason would start building with the corner stone. and thus it was considered the most important stone
and so it follows

here is the logic,
if the corner stone is crooked or not kept in a straight line, then the rest of the line will be slanted and so will be the perpendicular wall.
So, there you go. The corner stone determines the shape of the building, if its slanted…….. then the structure will become a cross between a rhombus and a square instead of a square and i don’t know what will happen if the mason wanted to make a rectangle, thinking about it is complicated enough

Guess we tend to concentrate more on the middle, the center and likes that we forget, that something on the side could be of utmost importance.

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Corner stone – Terminologies abound !!

Strange na , Terminologies that miss our eyes … has lesson’s of life , deeply imbibed in ur words – UNDERSTANDING LAYER OF MEANING .. Correct me if , i m wrong .

Ever imagined , wat , if one day , words and terminogies of today baffles , ppl of coming generation .

Hota hain jii .

There will be time – when a term WiNKING EYEs’ due to passing times , will stand for SOARED EYE , acronym for fast paced , life , where good night sleep will will be distant dream . So winking eye , an indication of person – lost for sleep .

OKss . See ya . I m cutting my crap short Do keep writing , writing suits u well –

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Posted 05-03-2008 at 05:26 PM by hello_howrudoing hello_howrudoing is offline

There will be time – when a term WiNKING EYEs’ due to passing times , will stand for SOARED EYE , acronym for fast paced , life , where good night sleep will will be distant dream . So winking eye , an indication of person – lost for sleep . Wink

Lets wait and watch

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Posted 08-03-2008 at 08:28 PM by sunayna sunayna is online now