Kahlil Gibran

For those who know my reading habits, know that I am strongly against buying books. I have no money to spend nor do I have the place to keep it. I like my method of books finding me…rather than me going hunting for them. I let the book find me, and this works out well for me.
In college, I wanted to read “fountain head” because everyone I knew, had read it, but the book was always issued. I asked the librarian to let me know the minute it comes in but this did not work out. Almost after 2 and half yrs in college, I issued a lot of books but fountain head never came by. One fine day, I asked the librarian if there was some luck with it. She said that the book is under maintenance and a brand new book had come just some minutes ago. I was on top of the world, she stuck the necessary papers stamped here and there and I had a brand new copy of fountain head for me.
This happened again when I wanted to read “To kill a mocking bird”. In my library again, we (librarian and me) were searching for the book but couldn’t find it, and out of nowhere a good friend of mine came and told me that she is carrying the book in her bag.
So, I believe that books find me.
“Mister God this is anna”, I hadn’t heard about it but it fell on my lap literally when I wanted to remove some other book. The book is just amazing and I believe it found me.

I never believe in buying books. One friend told me that she buys a book because there is a bond formed while reading. So every time she looks at the book, she can feel the bond.
Another friend believes in buying books so he can exchange them with friends and read more books.
Another friend finds comfort in knowing that he has more than 500 books with him. He actually re-reads them at 3 in the night if he feels like it.

I don’t re-read books. I don’t have the time. There are sooo many books to read just once. I don’t get the point but for the first time in my life, I have found an exception. I have bought a book. I issued Kahlil Gibran’s omnibus from my local library almost a month ago but I can’t get enough of it. If someone tells me that they bought kahlil gibran’s omnibus, I would completely understand it. Every word in that book is like a tiny pearl of wisdom. That book demands to be read very slowly and not just once. Every statement has layers of meaning hidden that you might not get from reading it just once and I think that the meaning changes as you grow in life.

Kahlil Gibran is a book I can’t wait to grow old with.

2 thoughts on “Kahlil Gibran

  1. caution – vanity and self conceitedness ahead
    my wordpress blog got its first comment from a stranger
    i am happy 😀

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