Sunday … where art thou!!!

my last Sunday was beautiful. the weather was awesome. i know that people hate gloomy weather. my mom hates it without the sun. As far as i am concerned. i love it. i love a dull day. the trees look pretty…its slightly foggy and very very pleasant.
There is this thought that scares me though. in the book “Veronica decides to die” Mari always loved dull days as it made nature feel in sync with nature. OOOPPS

Anyway, i got up at 715 without an alarm clock. i am sure i was destined to meet this friend for the walk. He was as usual late…i know if he is reading this, he is saying to himself – ur watch is ahead of time and that isn’t my fault.

i went for my walk to this beautiful park which is barely 15 mins away from my place. we had lots to catch up on. and the weather was simply perfect. we sat on the swing, gossiped a little and made plans which we knew would not get implemented in the near future.

my sis kept teasing that people go around 530 or 6 in the morning for walks. i told her that this was my morning walk…my Sunday morning walk and i could do it at anytime i wanted…as long as i did it in the morning.
i came back home at 1000. i will have to agree, a morning walk that ends at 1000 in the morning is a little weird, even for someone like me

walking made me hungry. i had 2 yummy uttapama and watched a santa movie. i think i am growing old, as i almost fell asleep watching a christmas movie. my friend called up soon after this and well …

i decided to sleep for good after that and next thing i knew, i got up at 545. all relaxed, i read the paper (i like STOI), visited my aunt, saw news and well…spent the sunday…beautifully.

so why am i writing about my beautiful sunday today?
because i am missing it like … s i g h

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