Maggi noodles and Tamil Nadu

I am off to tamil nadu for most of feb for my PCP in annamalai. Yes, I am looking fwd to it… since ages actually.
No, I am not done studying or preparing for it yet
Yes, Packing for the trip is again causing frenzy

I was chatting with a few people who have attended the course, one of the funniest things this Mumbaikar asked me to do was to eat as much maggi noodles as I could, while I could. I found it hilarious, and obviously told her so. She told me to take her word for it because when she was in south for the PCP, she terribly missed eating maggi noodles. I am not a member of Maggi fan club, but I enjoy eating it when mom is not around or if I feel hungry at 2 in the morning, which brings us back to my mom not being available. The way she described how much she missed maggi and how terrible she felt over there, I couldn’t help but have it for dinner 2 days back.
Well, I am considering this as a part of me gearing up for the PCP

I am going to be out of touch for almost a month. Please send ur prayers and hope I come back home in one piece. I will obviously be carrying lots of stories from there…don’t worry.
Wish me luck.

Laziness is the mother of all invention

Necessity is not always the sole reason for doing things in a simpler way. According to this mail I read, it said “Laziness is the mother of all invention” I will have to say, that I quite agree with the statement. It is my laziness that I keep a scale behind my chair so I don’t have to get up from my study table when I want to switch on the light or fan. There is no necessity here, just plain old laziness.

I am sure we don’t really need – need a washing machine. Clothes that are hand washed, turn out cleaner and better than machine washed. In earlier times, people would stay fit my doing house hold work. Now days, people use all modern gadgets that work on press of a few buttons here and there and then they go to the gym to stay fit… or at least have memberships to gyms they think of going to.

morning walk

My mom and I went for a morning walk.
I used to go with a friend of mine, who would come for it just coz he knew I wouldn’t go alone and this was a nice way to catch up as we both are terribly busy through the week. He has his college and I got my work, even our free times slots don’t overlap.
Luckily, I found someone who, again came to morning walk with me because of a bet (sortof). He doesn’t get up on weekends, even if someone threw a bomb at his place, his words exactly… Glad we came to this negotiation. He is out of town this Sunday, so I was generally talking to my mom about this and she said that she would like to come. She walks slower than I do, and I get tired walking slowly, so I asked if I should invite my old friend, and she indignantly refused. Like most of u know, I go for morning walks at 730-8. My mom normally wakes up by 7 on Sundays, she decided to sleep in this Sunday and luckily I had my alarm for 8. I woke her up and we were off by 830.

I normally go to this beautiful, big and clean park 15-20 mins away from my house. My mom said that going there was a walk in itself, so we went to this small and not so clean park 4-5 mins away from my house.
My mom is in a very talkative mood in the mornings, for those of who have met my mom, know that she anyway talks a lot, but she is extra talkative in the mornings. Trust me, its possible. She told me about her school being away from her house and the amount of walking she would have to do in her youth over and over.
After so much talking, she got tired quickly and started cheating. Well, the park has these small islands of greenery in the path, something like detours… probably to break the monotony, (30 extra steps max) she pretended to forget and I …well… scolded her and told her that I am paying close attention now.

We aimed to complete atleast 10 rounds of the park. After the 7th round, my mom started cribbing and wanted to go home. I tried to divert her attention and decided to walk on the grass. She agreed and I was glad that my strategy worked : ) We removed our shoes and one part of me wanted to hold them in my hands, but mom was with my other part and we left them on the side. Throughout the walk, both of us didn’t concentrate and were worried about our shoes. LOL. The grass was wet and squishy. Mom loved it and she did 3 rounds (Equivalent to 1.5, but I let it be).


It’s strange how relationships are. I don’t know if they are the same with everyone else or not, but in my case, when someone becomes my friend, they love me for who I am. I don’t disclose the complete brat that I can be, (maybe my mistake) but after some point in time, after me being completely me, they still like me… and I am happy with this.

But I don’t know what happens to most people. They try to change me. I don’t know why. I know I do this too, unconsciously of course. How ironic is the fact that one likes someone for who they are, and then they get tired of them being that.


BOSS !!!

I was recently out with my cousin in a hotel and he addressed the waiter as chchc cchchc. I didn’t say anything the first time but I think the look of utter repulsion was very evident on my face. The waiter didn’t acknowledge so my cousin did so again.
I told him not to do so, and he obliged
He asked y and I said “Munna bhai nai dekhi hai kya?”
So he did something even more disgusting.
He addressed the waiter as boss. Isn’t calling boss degrading? Who started this custom? (vini, is there a word which means the custom is completely wrong, something like sati)
Anyway, coming back to BOSS, Its like laughing on the fellow. Probably he will never become so qualified that someone would call him boss
I find it annoying, why would someone like to address someone who serves him tea as “boss”. I have seen it in movies that some people call them captain too. That seems even more weird, probably because we are not used to it.
I hate it when ppl don’t call me by my name, and worst would be calling me by my surname, my receptionist calls me mam … Ugh!!!

Hw can a pagal ever justify that he is not one?

Isn’t it strange. This question really bugs me. Though I am not really scared about it and I know that it might not really happen…still I wonder… what if there is an evil plan against me, and send me to a mental institution. Will I be able to prove that I am not mad?
How will anyone?
What exactly is being mad? My Mkt Research prof had once askd this question in class and we didn’t know what to answer. I don’t remember what the responses were, but I remember laughing a lot. The correct answer was – mad is whatever that is not normal.
Strange, yet it makes so much sense
I have a query though. Don’t the standards set by society change? Something like the sahara desert which increases by some percent every yr,
Doesn’t normal behaviour incorporate some percent of abnormal behaviour?

Children cry differently

Have you ever heard a child cry? Say a kid around the age of 3 to 5.
I was walking home from station and found a kid on the footpath slum just crying. He was okaly dressed and seemed like any other 3 or 4 year old boy.

He was simply crying. I don’t know why. Was it for attention? I think so but I don’t know for sure. Did he know the reasons himself? I don’t know that either.
Did he care about the sound he was making? I guess not. I realized, that when I cry, I try to muffle the noise I make, as I don’t want people around me to notice, but this kid was simply crying. Crying aloud… Crying like an ambulance actually.
The other day, I saw Raju Shrivastav’s show, where he said kids from poor family get up in the morning and cry for no reason. They just get up and cry, scratch themselves and cry. I know this doesn’t sound funny when I am writing this, but the way Raju said and enacted it, I had to throw my head back and laugh.

Though watching this kid cry wasn’t funny at all.

It’s interesting. We tell kids not to lie, not to cheat, not to take credit for what the others have done, help others, share the burden, blah blah blah
When the same kid enters a corporate, he is expected to lie cheat and the likes… and the same adults go back home and teach their kids the very opposite. Why do we do this? If corp requires one to cheat, then y not let the kid practice it when he is young?

Kids can dance on the road, and not feel embarrassed about it, but if an adult does the same, he will be locked up in thane mental hospital before he knew what struck him. Y don’t people remain like kids when they grow old. why can’t they be angry at each other for one minute and then go back playing the other?
Why is growing up so gloried? what is growing up actually? What is the benefit? Where is the benefit?

(If u want answers, i don’t have any
If u want questions, i have many)