:) Mother nature

Posted 15-07-2009 at 11:21 PM by sunayna Tags I had my birthday some days ago and Mother Nature gifted me. I am so happy when I found the gift that I have no words to describe that feeling. I have been staying in this flat since 3 years now. Since I saw the cotton tree, I have been wanting to get a cotton seed. Just to see how it feels and probably use it. On 4th july, evening prior to my birthday, I wanted to get wet and i decided to go on my terrace. Just as I stepped below the cotton tree, I found this cotton seed. And somehow, my heart just rang. : ) The reason I didn’t pick a seed from the ground earlier was because it would be open and dirty from inside. But this seed was on the terrace, which meant that it didn’t fall from a great height. it didn’t break and was nt dirty. I believe that mother nature did this all for me

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

My sis recently got us Chocolate walnut fudge. It’s delicious!!! nothing more to add there. delicious simply says it all.

I wanted to try making it at home and hence dug out the recipe online. I can bake well… so tried read 2-3 recipes to decide on the one i wanted and went ahead.

i normally bake in an oven or my microwave…but never have i cooked chocolate on flame.
i did today, when the mixture starts getting thicker, it is the most amazing sensation on your skin. The smell and steam of chocolate was amazing. one has to be there to experience it…

The way there are bubbles of chocolate when it boils, as if someone is making some kind of potion…its just felt like touching the hot mixture and gobbling it all up.

I had forgotten how much yum it is to bake chocolate.

Foul things by Fowl

Posted 16-06-2009 at 09:40 PM by sunayna
Updated 21-06-2009 at 01:18 PM by sunayna

I was walking back home with my friend at night (yes, mind u, at night. Why am I stressing on this fact? Read on) when either
1 Some bird shit on my finger
2 Someone threw chatni at my finger
3 (I can’t think of anything… what could it be)

Now at 11 in the night, I don’t see why someone or anyone for that matter would throw chatni on me. So my guess is that a bird who must have had heavy dinner and probably couldn’t wait till morning just let go. Help me with the third one. What could it be? Any guesses?

As soon as I realized what must have happened, I cleaned it and my friend told me that it’s a sign of good fortune.
Now, does it really work that way? Or is it simply said to make the person feel better?

I barely see any logic on fortune shining on me because some bird overate.

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    pritam6753's Avatar
    absolute hilarious …

    Third guess:
    a. someone was brushing his/her teeth
    b. may be white wash or some paint plus wall putty

    Just a thought : one needs to test it to find if that was chutny or a bird dropping.

    Luck is on your way mam.

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    Posted 17-06-2009 at 04:37 PM by pritam6753 pritam6753 is offline
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    sunayna's Avatar

    it was thicker than white wash…. 😛

Mom’s call

Posted 29-05-2009 at 07:24 PM by sunayna

Some days back, I was sitting in my aunt’s room in the evening, I heard a kid yell for his mom. I thought to myself that how funny would it be if all mom’s came out to check, kahin ye humara pilu to nahin, but nothing happened. I didn’t hear any noise, but in a few minutes, the kid answered, so I realized that the kid’s mom had answered and the kid was replying back.
Amazing how the mom’s understand their kid’s call.
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pritam6753's Avatar
very true..

salutation is a very small thing to all mom’s in the world.

Twins !!!

Posted 17-05-2009 at 12:40 PM by sunayna

I have never been fascinated by twins. I don’t understand why people are. I value my uniqueness. I cherish the fact that there is no one…no one exactly like me. i wonder how I would feel if I was a twin. Anyway, I don’t know what the big deal is? Why do people go nuts after seeing twins? The worst part is that they don’t just go crazy alone; they nudge people around them and ensure that they too can see the twins and be awed by them.
2 people who look same. It could be so frustrating for a person to be around someone who looks exactly like them. Yuck!!! Talk about small mercies that I don’t have a twin. I would probably kill myself or my twin to save from hearing “Oh, u r twins? How cute?”


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    Strange ! Never been fasci….by….twins……..really trange…….be ….honest……its very natural to get attracted to something rare………….and you are true when u say uniqueness…….values…..and belief…….everyone to that matter…….though I am not a twin………i feel that the urge of human to be unique………..unique vlues……….unique personality……..n all………is/should/would also be present in those existing twins………..they may also be thinking that I am different from my twin in many ways………..may be or may not be frustrating to a person…….its all behavioural and psycho……..

    Just think of the twins…………when people react………..keep on staring………………talk loudly to make them know that they have noticed……………..


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    Posted 17-05-2009 at 10:13 PM by exiafsergeant exiafsergeant is offline