Rose to banana

I was removing dry clothes from my balcony and saw this lovely looking cloud. It was like a rose…pure white rose and looked exquisite to me. I thought of clicking a snap. Bu the time I folded the t-shirt I had in my hand and went inside to get my cell, the cloud looked like a banana.

Imagine my frustration. Kidhar rose kidhar banana.

I guess it is life’s way of teaching me to quickly grab hold of happiness. Never take it for granted.

Oh how I wish I actually implement the lessons I learn. : )

13 thoughts on “Rose to banana

  1. Nature is constantly teaching us valuable stuff. We just need to stop and think. But you should have clicked the banana as well.
    On a different note, a photographer should always be prepared. Walk around with atleast a cell with a camera 🙂

    • That is precisely the reason i bought a N72, so i can click images in a jiffy. 🙂
      ya actually, i should have clicked the banana…as a constant reminder to act and grab happiness when it comes.

  2. Really nice imagination to have looked at clouds and imagine them as flowers and fruits. Thats not your talent, your talent is that in the clutter of your city & world in genral all around you notice somthin like that… good.. keep writting…

      • and whenever I’m posting something in here why my image displaying like a pink snow.

        It not that I don’t like it.. its good indeed.. but pink .. red is better… or is it just my eyesight… mmm

        can someone tell me how can I speak to the admin or the owner of wordpress.

  3. let me judge, cos I know what reply m gonna get “Oye panga na le” … and I just did it;

    first thing first .. you saw Rose right .. white Rose..!!

    so you might be missing someone or were thinking abt someone/someplace/something.. and this days clouds are mostly white so I dont know what color you had in your mind.. !! cos it will start a new story.

    and after few mins you saw banana..

    Perhaps you were hungry COS the shape can be anything other than Banana.. say like any cylindrical object (balloon).

    happiness never lay in some moment.. its in the journey to get to that moment… but i think see what you saw.

    keep it up.

    • hmmm pritam, this is going to be a long read. well…i am not a huge fan of criticism…but i can’t help it if i get it. 😉 very cheeky i know.

      regarding ur pink image, go to admin settings

      ya, u r bang on. i was actually thinking about someone at that time. this is interesting. the reason i specified it is white, because it looked fantastic.

  4. That can be a good moral story :). But I was thinking that clouds are formed randomly, are we doing justice by putting them into shapes with which we can relate to!!…food for thought

    • ummm…i don’t know if justice is the right word. i guess it is human nature to relate things so it can understand and grasp things better.
      i don’t really see anything wrong (Maybe too strong a word)in it. In fact i thoroughly enjoy doing it. it tells u a lot about ur current state of mind.

  5. What’s wrong with a banana? I mean ‘kidhar’…what was that Sunayna?
    Appreciation of things as they are has always been your forte.
    Life tends to change us, but certain things never change…our values,our parents..the way we look at the world…and inthis unchanging nature is the secret to being human.

    • aaah, nothing is wrong with the banana. just that i have cough and can’t eat one.


      It is just that the rose was exquisite and i wanted to capture it in and show it around.
      as Syama said earlier, i should have clicked the banana instead. i guess i should have done it.

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