There are some people whom u have never met, u meet them accidentally in the most unimaginable places possible. U strike a conversation and end up talking and before u know it, u start liking them a lot. I have had an opportunity to meet few such people. The universe has been very kind to me I think.

But there is one such special person whom I am sure I have had some connection in the previous life. The song “Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi, yuhi nai dil lagata koi” is ringing in my ears now.

He has come to solve a small tiff I had at 11 in the night. He tries to cheer me up even without me telling I was in a bad mood. He liked the aaloo paratha’s I made even when it was slightly burnt. He kept his promise (it wasn’t important at all) and got me a gift at 11 in the night (I guess the time has some special significance in my life). He comes for morning walk’s on Sunday’s because he lost a bet. Well, l am truly blessed to know someone like him.

My mausi once introduced him to an aunt as my god father.  I dismissed it as a joke, but with passing time, i think he really is one.

Amazing Day

You know, it takes very little for you to have a gr8 day.

I had a rough night and got up with fever. There were things I had to do like print some form, make a DD and send it today itself. I don’t know how to make a DD but there was no one who could do it for me. I went to the bank early morning(830). The lady who is supposed to do this at the bank came late. I didn’t get flustered. I was busy humming a song – Sochna hai kya, job hi hoga dekha jaayega. The manager helped me out and I was so glad that I didn’t worry about it.

Then I came home and printed the form. My Engineers (ya, I have 2) know what a pain my printer is. He recently fixed it and I gave it a shot. It worked. My papers came shooting out. oh so glad!!!

It doesn’t really take much to have a gr8 day. The universe is always there(Shooting Stars!!!), u just need to believe in it and give it a chance

Hope u have an amazing day too

Let me know if u have such amazing stories to share. 🙂


I love food. I like trying different things… Something random on food.

Recently I felt like drinking coffee, but wanted to do something new for it. Guess what I did. I put about 2-3 tbsp of chilled water, mixed coffee and sugar in that and then added boiling milk and then chopped chocolate. It tasted nice. Try it. I have heard that coffee mixes well with cold stuff rather than hot.


Making chapati is not an easy task. There is so much to it than just flattening dough. It has to be round so it looks pleasing to the eye or because that is how they make it. Yes, good thought, Y is chapatti round? Also, it has to be even, or it won’t rise.

And, while u r making it, you to multi task. You have to ensure that the chapatti which is on the tawa will not burn and the one that u r making comes round and even. Sheesh!!!


Dudhi, my mom makes it superbly. In case u don’t like it, try making it with chana dal. It turns out to be amazing. It tastes good even with slightly burnt chapatti’s

Few Random Thoughts – Part 1

Things are not as cheap as they used to be. The inflation is just getting harder to handle day by day. Even in the virtual world, Fuel on Farmville is so costly and so hard to obtain


Male ego – If there is one thing I could destroy it would be the Male Ego or maybe all ego. Seriously, Men are so much like kids, even they are 25+MBA’s, they act like 4 year old brats. If they don’t get the whole thing they want, they don’t want a small part of it. Weird.


I like the colour bottle green a lot. It is so calm. My sis recently gave me a T-Shirt of the same colour. I can’t believe how thin I look in it : ) – ok, that was vain, but anyway, the colour is rich and solid. Maybe that is why I love the trees after the rains. They are pretty and cool to the eye.


I am amazed at the reason y we are on planet earth. How do people find the cause they are here for? Is there really a cause? Or people just get tired looking for one and pick something they feel like and make it their cause?


Have u ever heard of a song and liked it instantly. What is the next thing that u do?

You end up listening to it 5-8 times in a row. And then u move on to listening to other songs. Then u listen to it maybe twice or thrice when it comes on your list. Then it becomes like a regular song. Y?

I guess it is to make up for the lost time you didn’t hear it earlier. Hihihihi

Shooting stars

One of my friends recently saw a shooting star. He asked (tested) the universe to show it to him and he got to see it immediately. He was very calm when he told me this. I, on the other hand was jumping with joy. The other day he had some doubt about the universe in his mind and he happened to just look up. He saw a shooting star again. He called me immediately and I was in complete envy of him.

Later I realised that I normally don’t look at the sky that carefully to expect a shooting star. If I do, I normally look at the moon. I need to look at the sky more often to look for shooting stars. It’s definitely out there.

Just like other good things. It is definitely out there. All one needs to do is work in that direction. At least look.

Puppy love

Our building has some new pups. They should be 3 weeks old now. The whole building looks after them. The kids play with them all day long. They roam around carrying the pups. Ek bacha jata hai aur doosra aa jata hai. They have even named the pups. Natkhat, brownie and rocky. I don’t know the fourth one’s name. All i know is that it is super amazing to see the love these pups get from the whole building. It is a beautiful feeling. We even gave the pups a bath. The aunties and uncle’s feed them biscuits, leftover rice EVERYDAY. The teens too like to pet them, play with them. It is an amazing amazing feeling to look at the love these 4 pups get.


I used to think that whatever is online is going to stay there forever till I tried to find my blog. I had written a blog about my experience of my ngo. When I got extremely bust with my work, I stopped visiting it regularly and didn’t have much to write. Now that I have become regular again, the writer in me is wanting to express itself but I can’t find my blog.

I don’t want to start a new one. I know it was either touchonelife or getting better each day or something. I know there was the word peacock, dinosaur and about my team members. But I still can’t find my blog. I even searched in the meta search engines.

: ( any ideas.

Farms in india – (Farmville part 2)

I was on a trip to shirdi recently and clicked a few real farm snaps on the way. Wishful thinking.

You will find more snaps in my Picasa gallery. Link for the same is on the right hand side of this page. : )

Rose – By any angle, still a rose.

Have u tried clicking a snap of a rose?

I Can never get its beauty perfectly, when u click it from above, u lose out on the layers on the side, and when u click the layers on the side, u miss out on the inside.

I guess it is like human nature. Everyone is beautiful inside and outside. To see both of them together, u have to see the person from different angles or in different situations.

Laser Eye Surgery

I am planning to do a laser eye surgery to get rid of my specs.


I always wanted to do it since the time I stared wearing specs.

I have displayed this as my nickname on gmail. The usual responses I got are…

1 – oh, I know someone who recently got this done and their experience like it didn’t hurt and that it was very fast.

2 – Y? don’t do it. U look nice as it is.

To which my response is –  well…thank u.

Though I wish there was someone who would have gotten this done some years back so I would know if there are any side effects or anything of that sort.

Well, any recommendations for a doctor?

I am not able to pick a good doc I can trust…and I have a feeling that after I get my surgery done, there will be loads of recommendations pouring in. : (