Harishchandrachi Factory

I saw Harishchandrachi Factory. I just have to write about it. The movie is beautifully made. Simple is not a simple enough word to describe it. It is something like natural… the characters seem so good. Their acting seems effortless. There are very few movies that have this touch of simplicity. Last movie I saw which I thought was beautifully simple was Swami – Manoj bajpai and juhi chawla. I am trying to rack my brains for any other such movie; anyway, I would love to know if there are any more movies like this.

There are so many moments in the movie that u want to grab hold of the actor and hug them. 🙂 Do watch it. It is going to bring a smile to ur face to say the least.


8 thoughts on “Harishchandrachi Factory

  1. Read your post.. I am sure u might be bored of hearing me again and again.. I didn’t watch this movie but just went through the link you gave and I got the concept, somehow..

    I used to watch a lot of movies when in college but now, those days have flied away not I am burdened with responsibilities of life, so don’t get time and otherwise too I am trying hard to avoid movie watching as much as possible and get addicted to some other form entertainment, where I use my brains and brawn both and just my eyes.. Hehe 😉

    Anyways.. Their are quite a number of movies that too good to avoid..!!!

  2. not bored at all. i likeee it.
    About the movie. MEthinks, it is good to go back to old memories sometimes. Do watch.

  3. i have seen this movie…..its awesum…..instead of movies like eklavya, india shud send dis movie to d oscars….it represents old world india in d best possible manners….wd all ppls prejudices towards new things….their innocence, ignorance…..also d frndly way ppl treat new ppl….it cant b found anywhere in india today….just luvd dis movie….:)

  4. ya…the scene is really funny when he is in the office of the magazine, and the owner looks at him and they both start laughing for no reason. 🙂

  5. S,

    total agreement here. Some more movies u shd watch :

    -Viva cuba.[spanish]
    -My Girl (fin chan) [thai]
    -Hero [chinese]
    -Miracle worker
    -finding neverland
    -guide [hindi]

    : Scare


  6. miracle worker is The miracle worker by disney?

    have seen finding neverland in bits….will try watching it and guide too…
    rest – any suggestions from where i could download them.

  7. You MUST watch these movies then:
    1. Children of Heaven.
    2. The White Balloon.
    3. Joy of Paradise.
    4. Baran.
    (basically all Iranian, and except the second one all by Majid Majidi.

  8. have watched children of heaven..it is a fantastic movie..
    will try watching the rest. thank u. 🙂

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