Oh dear…studying is so difficult. My exams are around the corner again and i have to get studying again but summer is a very wrong season to study… well so is rainy and winter. 😛

There are so many things to do and studying seems the first on the to do wish list but last one on the actually would do list. 😦

Chalo enuf whining, should at least find my books and make plans about studying

What a barter.

As most of u know, I am a part of Smart Potato summer camp. Yesterday was my first day and it was exhausting to the hilt. I actually slept like the dead on returning home.

Anyway, I cld crib on how tired i get forever, but the result i got for it in the end makes it worthwile.

Yesterday, there is this 4 yr old kid who kept coming in my area from his class to say hi. It got really funny after 2-3 times as the kid looked awesomely naughty but in a cute way. When i went to his class after the camp got over he came running and said hi. This time i sat down and asked him his name. He said something that i didn’t understand so i told him that i didn’t understand and asked him to repeat it… that imp kissed on my cheek and ran away. 😛 but i settled and liked this barter better. 😛

Today, this 10 yr old kid from my camp kissed me on my cheek while going back home…..and i am still on top of the world.

Life’s good 🙂

Art part 2

This was what i will teach my kids at Smart potato. Madhubani painting. Also called Mithila painting. It is named after a place in bihar where it is mostly done by women.

I loved the way it looks…Easy to do and breath taking beautiful.

Here was my first attempt on doing it.

This is how it looked on completing the painting.

and this is the thing we tried to do at Smart potato when we were undergoing training, Don’t ask me about the lady. We don’t know what happened to her either 😛

The border is the main thing in these paintings.

I love doing these paintings for some reason. There are 2 more under construction, will upload as done.

Keep smiling.

Worth million bucks.

I was in the train recently and…there was this old lady, and there was this naughty 3 yr old.

The 3 yr old went to the 60 yr old. The 60 yr old wanted to amuse him. She caught his hand and played a game where u know u make a fist by closing one finger and then run your hands to tickle.

The lady did that but the kid didn’t know what to do. HE didn’t get tickled. 🙂 When the lady tried to tickle…the kid just stared.

The look on the lady’s face was worth million bucks. This time, the lady didn’t know what to do 😛


I have a prejudice. I am planning to keep it unless proved otherwise. Gujjus are creative people. I recently realized this. The NGO where i teach has mostly gujju people and amazingly creative at handling kids and workshops. My colleagues at the Smart Potato Summer camp has 80% gujjus and boy are they good. Matlab seriously good with art. Speechless good. Also there are these 2-3 aunties in my building, one sells jewelry one does embroidery…  I have a new found respect for them and their creativity.

Although, I have  a bone to pick with them, they are not very enthu about teaching me their language. i have been badgering a friend of mine for 3 months now. I agreed to give him chocolate silk as guru dakshina, yet he forgets to speak in gujju with me. Though, i will find ways to learn it sooner or later. 🙂

Are u sure u want to be like a duck?

Have you heard of this saying – Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.

I don’t think this is right? This is cheating. I don’t want to appear calm but be worried inside. I rather appear as i am. Calm toh calm, worried toh worried. Atleast if i look worried, someone wise may help me be calm again.

Calm, peaceful…not paddling like dickens. Hmmph

Advertisements :)

I watched a download of a sitcom and realized that it is different from watching it on Tv. There are no advertisements. it feels great. it really does.

One more thing that i realized was that advertisement really effect our attention spans.

One more more thing, it tests your patience and memory, if u like something u sit through the advertisements and come back to what u were watching.