Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga

Ho o o o oh oh

Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga
Jaise khilgaya gulaab
Jaise ujli kiran aur barish
Jaise van mein hiran
Jaise sardi ki dhoop
Jaise balkhaaye bel
Jaise lehron ka khel
Jaise chad gaya nashaaaa oh
Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

Ho Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga
Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga
ab chayega dhamaal
ab mere bachchon pe dungi poori jaan
ab honge graphology ke assignments poore
ab chalu hoga XLRI mba
Jaise khushboo liye aaye thandi hava
Ho Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga

Everything goes with green

have u lookd at the trees lately. They look soooo pretty. Most flowers have bloomed. I see purple flowers, yellow, red, blue….. everything looks soooo pretty.
Green is like a universal color as everything seems to go with it. It all looks amazingly pretty. Mother nature is wise, she knew no other color could look so pretty with anything else. 🙂
Whenever my kids ask me about a contrasting color with any other color, i normally tell them to use their imagination and color as they wish but if they insist, i normally answer green 😛

Contentment with Farmville

It is so strange… Something that gave u joy earlier can bore u now. I used to be so active on farmville. now, I haven’t played it since a month.

The game just doesn’t appeal.  It used to be my stress buster. Now, i don’t know why, i don’t even feel like visiting the page. It is probably like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A satiated need doesn’t motivate u anymore. i played it really when till the time i played. I still visit it for a minute to see hw my future farm house will be, but i don’t stay longer than a minute.

Strange na…

Y is there no mother???

Like most of u know, i am studying. 😦 Thoughts come while studying. Here is one…

I don’t know how no come ever thought about this, but y is there always a founding father and no founding mother? as a woman, i take offence to this. Y is Freud the father of psychology or Archimides the father of maths or…..u get the drift… y is there no mother of psychology? or no mother of maths?

Its unfair.

ok back to studying. 😛

Maths and art

The reason i love math is opposite from the reason i love art…it is soo interesting.

Math has only one answer. 2+2 can only be 4. There is a sense of security in knowing that there can be only one answer and if u find it, it’s done. U know that the answer can’t be wrong. I think maths is the simplest subject and i absolutely love teaching it.

On the other hand, i love art too. i love painting, i have recently made some stars and moon mobile, will upload the pics soon. i can express my self  in art. There is no right answer. as long as the thing u have made looks pretty to u, its ok. U can do whatever u want. u can have the sun’s lips painted blue, a pale magenta star wearing goggles. it all looks nice.

It’s strange how i love these extremes(if i might call them so as there is little bit of art in maths and math in art… they are still pretty different from each other.)