Maths and art

The reason i love math is opposite from the reason i love art…it is soo interesting.

Math has only one answer. 2+2 can only be 4. There is a sense of security in knowing that there can be only one answer and if u find it, it’s done. U know that the answer can’t be wrong. I think maths is the simplest subject and i absolutely love teaching it.

On the other hand, i love art too. i love painting, i have recently made some stars and moon mobile, will upload the pics soon. i can express my self  in art. There is no right answer. as long as the thing u have made looks pretty to u, its ok. U can do whatever u want. u can have the sun’s lips painted blue, a pale magenta star wearing goggles. it all looks nice.

It’s strange how i love these extremes(if i might call them so as there is little bit of art in maths and math in art… they are still pretty different from each other.)

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