What is life but a belief?

I heard this thought today. How true na?

Really, what is life but a belief? i don’t know what else to say to this but this thought calms me down…The thing so called “Reality” is nothing but a manifestation of our beliefs.

How did we get beliefs? where do thoughts come from? no clue…but i understand that we are living a program and neither beliefs nor thoughts are in our hand.

A quick lesson on patience :)

They say patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait. 🙂 Hope its true 😛

There are a lot of things that mother nature teaches … Change is one of the most important ones. Things will change. She promises that…but not at the speed u would want.

Look at these new leaves of my rose bush that will turn into roses by july… no matter how much i want them to become roses now…its not going to happen. Whether i like it or not, I’ll have to wait…be patient for them to grow.

So, somethings should really be left to mother nature. I am sure she knows the best time, like for instance, these should probably turn into roses by my birthday. Mother nature knows best 🙂

Magical Rains

There is something magical about rains…don’t u think so?

I normally live in my balcony. My study table is located there…so all my studying, reading, paper quilling art, handwriting analysis…most of my day is spent there. My balcony has an extended roof, I think it is made of tin. We live near the main road and the traffic noise can be very annoying during the peak hours. During rains, it’s different. Traffic noise is drowned out due to the noise of the rain on the tin roof.

The pitter patter forms a melody of its own. It turns magical 🙂

It feels peaceful. It feels as if nothing else exists. It also becomes the best place for meditation…even if u r not doing it.

I love the rains 🙂

Oh life !!!

Oh life, Dear life,

Be sweet, Be nice…

Y take tests,

Y admit us as students in the first place?


Oh life, Dear life,

What is ur problem?

Y present us so many questions

Without giving us any solutions


Oh life, Dear life,

Don’t make me curse,

Let me be gentle

Truthful and nice


Oh life, Dear life,

Don’t play, don’t make me wait

Show me a sign,

Quickly,  it’s getting late


Oh life, Dear life,

I’m tired now, my trust is decreasing

Show me the way, guide me

Let me pass and be free

Game our maid plays.

Our maid makes us play a game every day. She is very kind and ensures that we don’t stop using our brains. We are pretty sure that she does this on purpose as my mom has told her a couple of times to not do it. She smiles in return and continues doing it.

The game is called “Hide the tumbler”

Every morning,  she hides the tumbler.  The tumbler is either in one of the buckets which is covered by wet clothes or another bucket…or under the stool or sometimes just outside the bathroom. She likes to keep it simple at times to challenge us and also remind us that simplicity has its own charm and we should not try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.

If anyone who uses the bathroom after she is done washing the clothes is the lucky chosen one for the game. We get to practice control and anger management and problem solving at the same time.

How lucky na?

Wash your hair :)

I recently decided to trim my hair. From my last experience of haircut I remember the lady scolding me about tying my hair after the wash as it gives it unnecessary curls which don’t help the trimming process. This time, I was careful to leave it open after the wash till i met her. She was happy. 🙂

Meditation too is like this. No matter how untangled ur life may get, meditation wipes everything. Few strong impressions remain like in the case of curls too. When u meditate, U join the universe to be free of everything and start fresh and straight.


The most beautiful music in the world is ur own heart beat. It gives an assurance that u will survive even when the whole world leaves u alone!!! :)


Finally it is the season of eating garma garam bhajiya and drinking hot hot tea

Finally it is the season of missing warm and dry clothes and towel

Finally it is the season of not wanting to come out of the bed sheets

Finally it is the season of being annoyed by kichad

Finally it is the season of swatting flies

Finally it is the season of watching your plants grow in full bloom

Finally it is the season of not wanting to drink chaas but coffee

Finally it is the season of splashing water while u walk in floaters.

Finally it is the season of being in awe of mother nature’s green

Finally it is the season of being mesmerized by the faling rain drops

Finally it is the season of pestering your friends and going 0n a trip

Finally it is the season of Rain 🙂


Salt is such an important thing in food or in life. I can never get the proportion right though. 😦

U know why? It’s probably because we are scared. All the TV quarrels about the wife using more salt than necessary and how salt gives blood pressure scares me. It runs at the back of my mind when I cook and really stops me from using too much salt.

I made khichidi last night for myself as my parents are out of town with my neighbors and I am on my own for food.

Yesterday since i was making it for myself, I put it one full spoon as i was the only one to eat, i said to myself “What the #%$#%, meko hi toh khana hai….kharab ya acha… i just don’t want it to be less on salt.”

Guess what? It turned out great. My khichidi was awesome. I am not just saying it, It truly turned out great. I am so proud of myself and specially happy as I let go the fear of using too much salt and got it right 🙂

Mirthful laughter.

There have been some amazing times at Smart potato. There is this kid’s laughter that i will never forget. I wish i could record it for u. He laughs with all his being and. it seems wonderful. It is like a breath of fresh air that energizes you and every part of your body.

I guess only kids can laugh like this (i don’t know how he does or what he does exactly) but i love the way he laughs. No matter how busy I may be, I am always able to hear his laughter and it brings a smile to my face.

Smart potato had a small party and today was the last day. I am missing everyone already 😛 I am trying to stay with the thought – don’t cry that its over, smile that it happened.