Miracle could also be Universe’s way of correcting a goof up

Was just wondering how or why would Universe perform a miracle…if everything is carefully planned and organised and there is not supposed to be any chaos, then y would there be a miracle?

hold on…i have an answer too.. šŸ™‚

Miracle could be when the universe goof’s up…Meaning, something is supposed to happen, but due to a goof up, it doesn’t happen and human sees it before the universe has time to do something about it. but it has to change…hence a miracle. Possible?

Experience something close to a miracle

Have u ever had a loose light bulb in your house? U know where u have to adjust it after switching the light for it to actually light.

We have one in our bathroom. It works pretty fine most of the times…but there are these amazing times when it doesn’t light even after being switched ON. U have to lift the holder slightly and it lights. it feels so magical. u feel as if u have made it light.

It is like doing a miracle.

I have told my dad not to repair it, because it always makes me smile..I am smiling while writing the post and i hope u too are smiling and i hope uĀ  loosen your light bulb a little too šŸ˜›

Star world

We get star world now.

We haven’t been getting it for almost a year now. Now that it is back…there are so many changes. It feels like meeting an old friend after ages and comparing and thinking about the changes but still being glad that u have met.

Today morning, i was watching it…i don’t know what program was going on…i just didn’t care.Ā  i wanted to watch Star world for the sheer pleasure of watching it. I think this is true love šŸ˜›

i am just happy that i can watch FRIENDS & HIMYM again.

Life is so goood šŸ˜›

Growing wise

I am 25 yrs old now.

I feel very wise…from what i was to what i am.
I watched the movie “Pay it forward” again. I had watched it long back when i was in college and i remembered different parts of it.
Now, i realised new things. I related in newer ways.
I feel i am wiser today than any other day in the past. It feels good. All my mistakes and lessons have made me this. I should be thankful to them. šŸ™‚ i hope i remember this thought next time i am low šŸ˜›

u r living if u feel u r growing wiser every day.

it is so true when they say, life is a journey…not a destination.

keep smiling.

Darlings and Sweethearts.

I don’t know why, but i am not a very very verbal person when it comes to showing affection. I have never been very comfortable with the words – sweetheart, darling, or the likes…even the word dear…it’s slightly embarrassing.

In my college days, the word “sweety” and “dear”was very commonly used.Ā  I didn’t know how to react to it. šŸ˜

When I am with kids, these words come very naturally to me. My whole summer camp was filled with “Darlings”, “Sweety” and “Sweethearts”…

Two of my kids called me up today…just…and i was back to using Sweety and Sweetheart. I realised this after i kept the call. So weird. I really really wish that kids didn’t grow into adults to whom i can’t call sweetheart naturally šŸ˜¦