Miracle could also be Universe’s way of correcting a goof up

Was just wondering how or why would Universe perform a miracle…if everything is carefully planned and organised and there is not supposed to be any chaos, then y would there be a miracle?

hold on…i have an answer too.. 🙂

Miracle could be when the universe goof’s up…Meaning, something is supposed to happen, but due to a goof up, it doesn’t happen and human sees it before the universe has time to do something about it. but it has to change…hence a miracle. Possible?

2 thoughts on “Miracle could also be Universe’s way of correcting a goof up

  1. Interesting subject of thought Sunayna. Incidentally, I wanted some connection with Master and felt huge thanks, (will tell you why in a second ..) a desire to thank him, and was up the whole night with tears and joy together. Next morning, I woke up with your msg that Master’s coming to Bombay- which is so rare and unusual (I don’t know if you know that). Miracle? Depends on your perspective and definition. Goof up? Its hard to see it that way..

    Now, coming to the reason why.. I realized, how each act and event and happening in my life – even the seemingly silly and painful lesson learning ones (the chaos)- was planned for or towards a goal/s. So Miracles, chaos free living, etc- seem as concepts- man made ones, not God’s. Shedding it to see things as are.. thats a rare art.. perhaps our goal…

    thank you for the muse. 🙂
    keep writing, keep searching.

  2. hey…i wouldn’t call this miracle..though this is rare and i too was really surprised and happy when i heard it … i feel as if he heard us. i was talking about it last week before the bhandara of him ever coming to mumbai.

    u know something…lately i too am realizing the cause and effect of action. like everything i did or am doing is for a reason..and hence the thought of miracle crossed my mind.

    how would it take place, y..who could cause it

    my theory…. young interns like us who end up in heaven don’t really know how the system works..hence kabhi kabhi goof up ho jaata hai…and wen the supervisor sees it..he corrects it in a way tht it looks like a miracle to us.

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