Things that don’t make sense – Part 7

It’s been a long time since i wrote about things that didn’t make sense to me… I think that my thinking stage is back 😛

Facebook has these pages…

I get the biggest smile when i see your name come across my phone(:

Ignoring someone you wish you didnt have to but knowing its for the best

People that are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER, always find a WAY 😉

Either stay in my life or get out of it. Stop changing your mind.

Dont tell me you love me, especially when youre telling someone else too,

why make the effort to get me if u wont make the effort to keep me

You have no idea how much i really care about you.

No matter how mad I am at you.. I STILL wanna talk to you ❤

What doesn’t make sense to me…these people who have these on their facebook profile obviously want to say it to someone. Y don’t they say it?

What is love without communication? In fact, where is love without communication? Is there a point in having these pages up? it is so sad …such a waste of time.

This sure scares me. i really hope love is different…

Move on…

I am not a very patient person. There are movies or sitcoms that I download. Good thing about sitcoms is that there are 24 different files that download one after another. So if around 50% is done…one can start viewing the first 2-3 sitcoms easily without there being much of a technical glitch. The glitch mostly is that the video stops but the sound keeps running or vice versa.
Like I said, I am very impatient. As the download reaches 60, I start checking if there is something I can watch… mostly there is or I wouldn’t think about the thought I did. 😛
Sometimes there is a minor glitch where in it plays wonderfully for 15 minutes and then it stops, while experimenting, I realized that one just needs to forward a little, say by 30 seconds and it starts playing again… Life too should be lived like this. Bad patches come…technical glitches may come…move on and start living again.

Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living right now. – Paulo Coelho

Gift wrapping :)

Have u prepared a gift for someone u really like or probably bought a very special gift and can’t wait for ur friend to see it…the birthday or the event maybe 2-3 days away and u can’t wait for it to be over so ur friend can see the gift… i bet u smiled while gift wrapping it. Gift wrapping is fun, isn’t it. There is some wonderful pleasure in seeing ur friend’s face while the gift is being unwrapped and the “aha” expression of like when he or she realizes what the gift is.

Pretty much explains y god created us this way… he likes seeing us understand ourselves one layer at a time. Bet he can’t wait either for us to truly realize the gift we have inside us

no wonder he created so many of us…he loves to gift wrap and see the aha expression.


We had gone to panchgini lately and got concentrated drinks…
My mom liked this white rose syrup and I liked this phudina ginger and lemon syrup. Whenever we have guests over, if i am serving them, i give them the pudina drink and if mom is serving them then she serves them the white rose syrup. It is strange how we don’t think about the guest’s choices…

we don’t see life as it is,
we see life as we are…

A wonderful dream

I saw a wonderful dream. I must have seen it around 5 because I got up at 530 in the morning after the dream and was sooo happy that i couldn’t sleep till 6. i shut my alarm at 6 and went off to sleep hoping it would continue.

I dreamt that we have shifted to a bunglow. it is a 3 storey lovely bunglow with lovely plants all around. We visit it…i go running inside and am in love with it at first sight. it is so much better than what i had at farmville. 😛
i look for the gardener and he tells me that it is time to water the plants and i tell him that i would love to do it. i take charge of the green pipe and ….. no words to express how happily i water the plants and fall in love with them. There are lovely plants and trees on all 4 sides and also outside the home. i come out and see my dad waiting for me…i tell him that this place would be more than awesome during the rains. imagine the smell of land and freshly fried pakodas… i am gonna love staying here….
and the dream ended. 😦 but i got up right after this and kept smiling like a moron and just couldn’t fall asleep

oh pls lord…i hope this dream comes true sooooooon

Solitare V/s Freecell

I am sure u have played both the games at least once in your life.

Which one do u prefer?

I was with a group of people and I realized that preferring a game says a lot about ur personality.

Solitare is mysterious…u have no clue which card is going to come your way next whereas in freecell all the cards are open and u have to find a way to arrange it.

Interesting na?