Stages of playing Farmville

hi i am sunayna and i was a farmville adict.

I recently saw someone playing farmville and realized how important is was for me at one point in time. (“One point in time” is an interesting thought, more on it later)

Coming back to farmville, i realised that there are certain stages that one goes through with farmville.

No clue stage – This is the stage where u have not heard about farmville and u find it strange when someone says that they have to go home to milk their cows or feed their horses.

At this stage, people also get funny sounding requests like they found a pig with your name on it and u wonder wassup

Info stage – Most end up clicking to know what is the pig doing with your name  and u somehow start playing it.

Wonderment stage – If u like it u start playing it wonderment. You check out the various trees and seeds that are available. U enjoy the free animals…the lake…trees…the plants…and amazing things that u get.

This is what happens after that

Anxiety stage – this is the stage that u get into after playing it for little time. It is not addiction yet but u keep visiting it often to check. This is severe in case of people who have net access.At this stage we keep increasing our neighbors and want to get benefits of it…we end up accepting or sending requests to people we normally wouldn’t have.

Addiction – This is the worst. you show everyone ur house and ur plants. U really think that you own all of it. If u r smiling now reading this, u know what i am talking about.

You even dream about farmville at this stage. This is not the toughest stage because u enjoy it thoroughly…U get really irritated when u r unable to attend to your farm.

though others find you annoying at this stage but u don’t care.

Turmoil – This is the stage wherein u r bored but also excited because farmville keeps bringing something up and keeps u hooked.

U slowly, unconsciously feel the turmoil but don’t do anything about it.

U slowly start loosing interest too but somehow hang on. U see that other friends whom u were jealous of have stopped playing.

U finally decide to quit, one day u do.

no matter why u played or how long, it is an experience worth having…just like life. 🙂

Ganpati bappa more ya

As promised to someone, here is a view of ganpati celebrations in Mumbai from my cam. These are some ghargutti ganpati snaps… to see all and at better quality, check this picasa link.

A guy decorating the mandap at my aunt’s house

Pandit performing puja at my other aunt’s house…

I love the way the light out of the window has been captured in this next one. Done by yours accident though 😛

These are some snaps of sarvajanik ganpati’s of Mumbai.

Look at the crowd…but good fun

I love the lighting and the “raunakh” on the streets.

It feels amazing to see people around till late night. I think the festivities, the lighting, the environment is so charged.

Flower for ganpati

It is said that spirits can’t be captured on camera. I think this idol definitely had bappa’s spirit. no matter how much i tried to click it, it just didn’t happen. the fact just didn’t come on the camera.

but they did a lovely decoration


My split personality disorder

I have recently realized that i have a split personality disorder. There is one part of me that makes plan at night and really wants to implement the plan. It wants health to be optimum and me to get up at 530 in the morning and follow a routine

Then there is this other part of me that gets triggered when I am either asleep or when i see chocolate in front of me. every morning i get up at 530 … infact today i got up at 515 without my alarm but i ended up going to sleep…grrr

I don’t understand this. This has to be a split personality disorder … my “god wants you to know” msg on facebook says God has more in store for us then we can ever predict, and what we fear are bad choices frequently turn out for the best, because our hidden aspirations know better where we are going than our rational minds.

I guess i should just accept the fact that i can’t get out of bed at 530..or maybe pray to get out of bed rather than just wake up

Every day is so interesting and unique in its way…if u really pay attention to what is going on.

Hihihhiihi .. some realisation

i did something extremely silly…yesterday morning i had to go out for an hour, attend it and come back home by 9 -930. i left my house around 6, feeling slightly sleep…as i walked past the gate, i could sense that something was different. i just blamed it on my sleepiness and continued walking…

as i reached the main road, the uncomfortableness just didn’t go away. something was amiss but i couldn’t lay my hand on it. soon i reached the station but had trouble reading the indicator… this is where i realised that  i forgot my specs at home.

now, i obviously couldn’t go back home, so i just kept my head down throughout the thing. i didn’t want to appear rude to anyone who gave me a smile which i wouldn’t return coz i can’t see it.

Thank god i didn’t meet anyone who recognised me…or so i may think…god knows.

it was funny. on my ride back home, i kept wondering what is that universe wanted me to learn through this?

maybe it is telling me tht i am growing old…:P

I am so proud of myself……

I did something which i never thought i could do. and have been dancing with joy since then.

Our old computer table’s wheel was broken and we had trouble shifting it….had been thinking about this since days that we need to shift it to a spare table that we have. but i don’t work that well with gadgets…i don’t know what got into me yesterday and i decided to change it.
i did need a little help to know if i could shut the cpu door and to remove 2 switches that were not coming out. but i accomplished it on my own and am so very very proud of myself. I feel as if i can do anything.

Life’s good 😛


Mom told me to get nimboo while coming back home. my analysis session lasted for about 90 mins and then on way back i started singing this song – nimbooda nimbooda nimbooda and smiled thinking that how the human mind is… it always finds a song to sing…

I crossed the bhajiwala singing this song and forgot to buy the nimboo but came home singing nimbooda nimbooda nimbooda

I am really amazed at how the human mind works