My split personality disorder

I have recently realized that i have a split personality disorder. There is one part of me that makes plan at night and really wants to implement the plan. It wants health to be optimum and me to get up at 530 in the morning and follow a routine

Then there is this other part of me that gets triggered when I am either asleep or when i see chocolate in front of me. every morning i get up at 530 … infact today i got up at 515 without my alarm but i ended up going to sleep…grrr

I don’t understand this. This has to be a split personality disorder … my “god wants you to know” msg on facebook says God has more in store for us then we can ever predict, and what we fear are bad choices frequently turn out for the best, because our hidden aspirations know better where we are going than our rational minds.

I guess i should just accept the fact that i can’t get out of bed at 530..or maybe pray to get out of bed rather than just wake up

Every day is so interesting and unique in its way…if u really pay attention to what is going on.

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