Probably, this is what being passionate is all about…

I absolutely like reading “tuesdays with morrie”. I must have read it about 15 times by now.

I was thinking how i have started saying toosday because morrie says it like this and just to check if i could remember his name..i could morrie schwartz…

i used to wonder how people in cat interviews want people to be passionate and what being passionate is all about. i think i have found one thing i am passionate about..


Experience something close to a miracle – 2

After experiencing the light bulb miracle, I found one other way to experience a miracle.

I was listening to the radio, and then I moved to the balcony…after trying a few combination’s I found the spot where the radio would work well but as soon as I took my hand off, it went to the zzz mode. I went to pick it up to change the position and it became perfect again. Removed the hand and it went away again.

My hand making the radio work…. 😛 Feels like a miracle. and feels good. 😀

I don’t know an easier way to do this again though so u will have to try some angles before u can do this.

No other sound worse

What is the worst sound u ever heard?

I think it is that of a small baby crying.

I had an exam today morning, I could study yesterday evening with the dandiya and dj music playing 3 floors down…but today morning in the train, there was this baby crying. I just couldn’t concentrate. The cry just makes u drop everything else and want to do something about it. Somehow it just takes priority over everything else that you are doing.

This has happened before… we were ending our session at the ngo with our daily prayer. We volunteers make it a point to participate in full tandem and not get distracted… and guess what… there was this small kid wailing sitting on a chair all by itself. I didn’t know what to do, I simply left hands and went over and couldn’t make eye contact for the remaining of the evening with anyone feeling sheepish at the behaviour.

Give a chance.

Do u like reading books? then u will probably understand what i am to say better…

Do u come across some books that seemed very interesting at first but not thaaaat interesting after reading a few pages but you still read it for a few pages just to see if it gets better?

I recently did and i realized that i was almost half way through, the book didn’t just hold my interest without me realizing it but ended up being a very informative book.


Probably because i gave it a chance.

Most people probably just need to be given a chance rather than being given up on. If not for their sake, maybe for yours.

Growing up a tomato

my attempt at growing tomato in my balcony.

the wait is killing me though. every weekend i ask it to give me a tomato. it is like how my mom is waiting for me to get married 😛

But the joy of seeing it grow is amazing. u should really try it. it is the easiest to grow i guess… we just took a little bit of the middle portion of a ripe tomato with seeds and planted it in soil. The plant just shot right up. This is better than farmville