What does being truthful to oneself mean?

What does being truthful to oneself mean?

A person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion is called a hypocrite

Lie – a deliberate untruth

what if i know i am lying? maybe the cause is not important… i KNOW that i am lying…but am i still truthful to myself…am i a hypocrite then? Is a  hypocrite who knows that he is a hypocrite still a hypocrite?


Random Observation

Random observation…

I normally light an incense stick in my balcony. I used to keep it at the window sill. Everything is ok but the ashes fall in the sills and mom labors to clean it on the weekend. One more problem was that due to some scientific explanation of air flow and Einstein might know why the smoke keeps flowing outside.

Since i had to do something about the ashes, i changed the window which i would attkao it from the one closest to me to the one which is closest to the grill and i made it point outside. This way 90% of the ashes are outside and mom won’t have to worry about the sill getting dirty.

One more interesting thing happened. the smoke started blowing in. Life is good.


Harry Potter’s magic

I was flipping through channels and saw a harry potter interview. I saw this guy talk about something (don’t remember what) and i wondered who he was. Later they showed his wig….it was Malfoy…. it was the guy who played Malfoy.

I don’t know about u, but I just realized that the Harry potter series are so so so bewitching that i never thought there existed another person besides malfoy. I don’t think anyone has come in the news except harry ron and hermoine and to some extent dumbledore because the guy who played him passed away.. and of course Voldermot. It was probably because they didn’t interview anyone besides harry from what i realize…also because these guys look so natural and comfortable and u know..so much in their character that i never thought of them as anyone besides whom i saw. 😛



Was looking at the rockets bursting in sky and wondering y is there a noise attached to the bursting. It is sort of bugging. I would rather have a rocket burst without the noise…. Then again, i realised that i would miss out on the burst if the sparklers were away. The noise is like an alert … so we don’t miss out on the beautiful sparkles. 🙂

Bear the noise…Enjoy the noise…to see the sparkles.

Happy diwali

Happy diwali

Somethings look lovely only when it is dark… like the firecrackers. i love the sparkling glow of rockets. wonder if it would be just as enchanting at day time. 🙂 probably not…so accept the darkness…celebrate the darkness with lights of your own. Smile. Have a safe fun filled diwali.


PS – Don’t burn firecrackers though. let there be a pollution free diwali.