Random conversations

There is one thing i love about traveling in mumbai … it is the random conversations. People talk without knowing names, without the possibility of meeting again, without any expectations.. just random.

I spent my whole day in andheri yesterday… as much as i hate that place i just had to go there as i had to meet 3 different people who stay in 3 different parts of andheri.

First i went to my friend’s office in marol. On the way to marol,  I got into a conversation with  a girl sitting next to me in the bus. She wanted to know something about her cell and that is how we started talking … it happens to be that she stays pretty close to where I stay and both of us hate andheri. She is also going to help me with the xmas sale that might happen in IC church. She has tried to commit suicide thrice. It was a very weird but interesting conversation. It didn’t last long as i had to get off but here is to a new relationship.

My second random conversation was at my friend’s office when i was on my way out and waiting for the elevator. This guy asked me if i worked there…and i blurted out that i would never ever work in andheri even if someone paid me like a crore a day.. (ok maybe i exaggerated, i would consider if it was a crore a day) he asked why, i said i hate the traffic and the pollution and the waste of time. he said so do i and u have gotten me thinking… his floor came and i am starting to understand how the universe works…

and then i had to go to oshiwara, green park. The rick left me at the depot instead of where i wanted to go and i blasted at the rick for lying and walked all the way as if it would help the situation. When i asked 2-3 people fpr directions, they said that they didn’t know. Lil miserable me cursed the driver again and went ahead to ask a little more. Finally a girl gave me directions … a guy got off from the bus and heard her giving me directions, all of a sudden came my way and told me the directions again. i don’t know y. Was the universe being nice to me to make up for the lying rickshaw wala? 🙂 maybe… I giggled and told him that it is so strange. he asked what…i told him that i figured it out now and still the universe is sending people my way. He gave a small chuckle. i said thanks anyway and carried walking. Apparently this guy was also going that way.. it was slightly weird. I still asked a security guy again and he looked back, smiled and pointed to the way again.  i started walking slow. i was scared. 😛 but he did the sweetest thing in the end. at the intersection, he was to go left, he turned around, waved at me, pointed me to go right and went his way to the left.

I love the random conversations.

Hidden roses

Due to mumbai’s harsh weather now, my rose plant hasn’t given a single bloom since diwali. I look at it longingly almost every other day.

Today morning, while i was watering it, i looked at the leaves again. There was a strong wind which made the plant dance and all of a sudden i saw a bud. The bud is about to open and i never saw it for so many days..it was covered by a leaf and is about to bloom without me having a single clue.

It felt so good. there are some bits of happiness that simply seem absent and it takes something to move you and see it. Good things can be present without u knowing about it.

I have been realizing this over the past one month now, that there are a lot of people who do read my blog and do follow me and bless me and pray for me without me having any clue about this.

They don’t comment, (i don’t know why though) but i am sure that they are smiling when they are reading this.


How time flies

When i was a kid and had heard for the first time that some part of india is still not safe even after 40-50 years of independence, the impatient little me thought that if i was the president, i would confront the whosoever incharge and negotiate. i didn’t like the fact that nothing was happening. i feel both parties are hurting when issues are not discussed and safety becomes a big question mark. I was also angry thinking about how is everyone silent on this? what are they doing?

Now i realize that it is very easy for such things to happen. Time just flies. Confronting has a lot of complications. Individual relationships have so many issues that people think should be swept under the carpet and not brought up.. maybe for peace, maybe for the better. Ego too plays a huge part in these relationships and it is very easy to not do anything about things for 60  years. It is a scary thought…but its true. Time flies and keeps flying if u don’t confront…if you don’t talk…. You never know what is in store for the  future….something better or worse. Future is a gamble. Live now. Accept now. the longer u wait, the more difficult it gets to communicate..and keeps getting so.