How time flies

When i was a kid and had heard for the first time that some part of india is still not safe even after 40-50 years of independence, the impatient little me thought that if i was the president, i would confront the whosoever incharge and negotiate. i didn’t like the fact that nothing was happening. i feel both parties are hurting when issues are not discussed and safety becomes a big question mark. I was also angry thinking about how is everyone silent on this? what are they doing?

Now i realize that it is very easy for such things to happen. Time just flies. Confronting has a lot of complications. Individual relationships have so many issues that people think should be swept under the carpet and not brought up.. maybe for peace, maybe for the better. Ego too plays a huge part in these relationships and it is very easy to not do anything about things for 60  years. It is a scary thought…but its true. Time flies and keeps flying if u don’t confront…if you don’t talk…. You never know what is in store for the  future….something better or worse. Future is a gamble. Live now. Accept now. the longer u wait, the more difficult it gets to communicate..and keeps getting so.

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