Don’t give up. Ever!!!

One more lesson from gardening.

These are new leafies from my curry pata plant. I bought it on my last birthday. It lasted for about 6-7 months and we thought that it is done growing and decided to let it dry before uprooting it and planting something new. Other things took priority and I sort of pushed the idea of getting a new plant for later.

Guess what. I was wrong. I was so so dead wrong. The Curry pata plant was not dead. It sort of took a break and mustered its energy while I was ignoring it. It got sprouts..small green ones. I have never been happier to learn I was wrong. : )

They look so lovely. so green.  Not just this, they are growing quicker than I can explain what curry pata means to someone who doesn’t know what they are. 😛


I don’t know what to do with them. I get them once in a while. Some seem true. Some seem fantastic. Some I know are maska’s. Like how I tell my sister that she looks like Angelina jolie when I want her to do something for me. Anyway, coming to the point, what is the point in complimenting? I don’t know why people compliment each other…or for that matter completely detest each other. For my 10 good qualities I have 2-3 (err .. ok 7…ok 9) bad qualities and so does everyone else. To think that someone is 1 in a million is really fooling yourself, isn’t it?

Materialistic pleasures

My computer was recently formatted. I didn’t sign for a separate account like I have been doing since childhood instead I kept the administrator log in. I am so happy that i am able to give up my materialistic pleasures…. 😛  If this isn’t a sign for maturing i don’t know what it 😛 😀 😉

Sainthood  – here i come 😀

oh just humor me…;)

Riding a bike

My friend gave me a lift on her bike a few days ago. This female is the most accident prone person I know. She just cannot walk in a straight line. She has got really frizzy hair and she doesn’t realize how large they are. She flips it around and doesn’t notice people sneeze. She is adorable most of the times and a good person at heart. Buying a bike and riding it has changed her life. She is not just careful but she also knows when to press the horn for people like her. I was amazed. She saw a old lady and pressed the horn and also slowed down. She told me that she knows that most people can’t hear the horn and still walk in their own world. Those are the people looking down and walking and I should be careful. I am still amazed at how much change can come in a person. Life’s good.


I was waiting for my train to go home and a lady asked me if there was a fast train at this time. I didn’t know what to say, she was on the slow platform waiting for a fast train.

Reflections are more important than you think. Are you really going where you want to go? Are you really spending your life doing things that you are meant to?