Home sweetest home

My month of April has been the busiest month in my entire life. there is not a time ever in my 25 yrs where i have traveled to different parts of the country inΒ  a span ofΒ  25 days. I feel like i am growing up in a way.

Anthropologists say that to study ones culture you must lift yourself from your home culture and put yourself in a completely different culture. there is no other way to find enlightenment about yourself but this. πŸ˜›

there is something about mumbai that you just don’t get it anywhere. i found the heat at chennai and jamshedpur very unbearable. the heat and sun at 7 in the morning irked me to extent the 11 o clock sun in mumbai does. the familiarity, the comfort, the love… no place but home.

Though there are a lot of mails to answer, a lot of msgs to reply to, newspapers to be read, appointments to arrange..still coming back home feels good.

Dream come true

What do u do when a part of your dream comes true?

A)Β  you giggle

B) you smile uncontrollably

C) You look forward to the rest

D) You thank everyone from your building watchman who helped you carry your bags to the security guard who let you in … to the person who served you in the journey to the rickshaw driver who brought you there

E) Don’t know what else to do


Butter in the cheese box

Early morning I got up before everyone else in my family and i decided to make myself some breakfast without disturbing anyone. πŸ™‚ I tried to find butter but found only cheese. I looked for it in the usual spaces and then in the likely parts of the fridge.

I decided to not use butter and simply carry on. I closed the door of the fridge and found my mom coming towards the kitchen. She asked me if i needed any help. I asked her if she knew where the butter was. Duh! of course she would know. She opened the fridge and gave me the box of cheese. I opened the box of cheese and smelt it. It was butter.

It is amazing how outer experiences can fool us. We reject things without even feeling them. even though they seem so alike..we don’t even see the possibility of it being something that we are looking for.

Cleaning your teeth

There are days when i get up late and the whole day just goes haywire from there. there are days when i brush my teeth for atleast 3 to 5 mins and there are days when i brush it once. I end up gargling after the 10 second brushing to get the freshness. Everyone talks about feeling fresh as you brush. If you brush your teeth properly once like for 5 mins, ensuring that you are cleaning everywhere, you don’t need to gargle, the freshness comes automatically.

This is same like hard work and success. If you work properly, success will follow. You won’t need external aids.


A very lame example i guess but thought aaya toh likh diya πŸ˜›