WHO | World No Tobacco Day


Today is world no tobacco day, Please lets pray for the people who want to be free of the filthy habit but can’t…
Lets pray that all the smokers get the strength to make today their first non smoking day with the rest of the days to be just the same. 🙂


Addition to Farmville stages

I have an addition to the previous stages of Farmville.

After the stages mentioned here…https://mannkiwindow.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/stages-of-playing-farmville/

No clue stage

Info stage

Wonderment stage

Anxiety stage



Comes the blocking of all Farmville entries. You have no patience to go through the neighbour requests and the gifts etc and you see that people are stuck at addiction stage and send you about 15 requests a day, you block the entries.

Catching a rick at night is not your fault. It is a person fit.

I have given CAT 2 times, SNAP, XAT, TISS 3 times. Though I cleared my tiss interview, I don’t know what phase of stupidity that I went through but I didn’t take admission because I wanted to go to xlri. After my 2 failed attempts at SNAP, I was in pune once and drove to symbi.  I was allowed inside the campus and I remember visiting the hostel building and also checked out the building where there were some lectures. I went in the canteen and was overwhelmed by the people there. I chose a table, introduced myself and told them to tell me what is it that they had that I didn’t. I got only one reply – Profile fit. Though I understood what it meant it didn’t hit me till one late night I tried to catch a rick. They wouldn’t take me unless I was going their way.

I wasn’t doing anything wrong or It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart enough, it just isn’t that.

It is simple – person fit. If you are not what they want, you will not be selected.

Cleaning nose in public.

This thought is triggered because of facebook apps question.

With this thought, I was coming back home in the mumbai local and i saw a kid sit somewhat opposite. she must be around 8 or 10 years old..i don’t understand these things but she was a kid alright. Anyway, coming to the point, i was looking out from the window so am not sure how she started, but when i saw her, she had her index finger way up her nose and one tissue in the other hand. This sight obviously made me want to see what was going on. She removed the stuff from her nose and very gently, applied it on the tissue. The finger went back in and she removed some other stuff, again applied it gently. It wasn’t grossing me out and I think there was no one else interested in what she was cleaning. Her mom was asleep and i think so was the lady siting on the left corner of the train. Coming back to her, she went for the second nose now, cleaned it properly and again, very gently wiped it on the tissue. She blew her nose once on the tissue and i think saw me looking at her. i quickly looked out not knowing what to do 😛 She ensured that all the gunk was out of the hands, folded the tissue properly and held on it.

Her station came and she told her mother so. They left. I saw her throw the tissue in the dustbins and it was a very wise thing on her side i think. Anyway…i was amazed at how this didn’t really gross me and if i would ever do it.

The big bang!

It is so weird. People are looking for peace on this planet.

I was sitting in the train and looking out of the window. I was feeling slightly disheartened about something that had just happened. Somehow all I could see were troubled and tired faces. Who is at peace? Everyone is struggling for some lame thing or another. People who say that they are not in the rat race are in some other race.

Going to temples has become extremely old fashioned. I remember there was a time in college when we friends discussed about the trash due to the flowers and other things that are offered to god. It is considered cool and hep not to go to temple. Now people are after godly men. I don’t honestly know how much benefit people take from it from the few present… but where is the peace after u r done meeting with them?

Are we supposed to achieve something to attain peace? Are we supposed to be somewhere? with someone? same couples who fight to get married, remain fighting among themselves after marriage.  So isn’t the method to attain peace unpredictable?

The answer hit me like a thunderbolt. Peace is a state of mind. You decide to stay happy and cheerful not because of the circumstances but despite them.

How can there be peace on something that started with a big bang?

oh pls, never give up

this is the height. the universe just doesn’t seem to stop amazing.

i had sown a tomato in the soil. i think i posted pics for it too. but it never bore a fruit. To be very honest, all of us had given up hope, my mom used to tell me that give it time, it will grow when i would check it every day to see how it was doing but she secretly knew that it wasn’t gonna bear a tomato.

anyway, i asked a few people who knew about gardening and they told me that it should be replanted for it to grow. mine was almost 2ft tall, it meant death if i replanted so i just let it grow as a show plant and thought that if i see a very interesting plant, i will uproot this one and try replanting it.

guess what? oh am sure u already know it by now, it finally bore a tomato. i am so amazed. guys, never ever ever give up. ok. learn from mother nature.

keep smiling. 🙂