oh pls, never give up

this is the height. the universe just doesn’t seem to stop amazing.

i had sown a tomato in the soil. i think i posted pics for it too. but it never bore a fruit. To be very honest, all of us had given up hope, my mom used to tell me that give it time, it will grow when i would check it every day to see how it was doing but she secretly knew that it wasn’t gonna bear a tomato.

anyway, i asked a few people who knew about gardening and they told me that it should be replanted for it to grow. mine was almost 2ft tall, it meant death if i replanted so i just let it grow as a show plant and thought that if i see a very interesting plant, i will uproot this one and try replanting it.

guess what? oh am sure u already know it by now, it finally bore a tomato. i am so amazed. guys, never ever ever give up. ok. learn from mother nature.

keep smiling. 🙂

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