What good is your brain without your heart?

You know, It is honestly very true, bad things or stressful things happen so that the good can show itself.
I am going through some really busy stage where in I have to get a certain number of forms filled for my project. This is my final end term project and the subject is very close to my heart – Graphology.

I mailed a few friends about my project and asked them to help. One so called friend responded back asking if i was still studying to do projects. I realized that I probably hadn’t told him and informed about my course.Then he commented over some snap of mine. I smiled back. I told him that the project was due soon and i would appreciate it if he could fill my form soon. He asked me if this was an important project. I said yes, He asked me if i was a Graphologist.  I replied YES.  To which he said that he found me rude and my etiquette skills were zero and 2-3 more lines which i thankfully don’t remember. I then realized that this is not how a friend is supposed to be. This was someone who was using only his brain. Yesterday I was very stressed as I had a deadline to meet and some other work also so when I wrote him a msg, i was being me, if you know me, u know that I don’t ask how are u and stuff like that. I talk to the point. I hope my friends also know that they are always in my prayers. Someone very wise had once told me that your brain is important for your heart but ur heart is most important and that statement sort of flashed before my eyes. What good is knowing that someone is talking in a hurry and to the point if we don’t understand and reply back tactfully and end up annoying or wasting time. What good will any knowledge be if not used in the right way?

My friends who got the same msg replied back saying that ” i can arm twist some of my team and friends to do it!  how many ppl you want?”

“M nt 4rm HR still,will help u as much as i cn,tell me wts d job??” – These are the best people i think.

a few didn’t say anything but sent zipped files of the filled forms which is very very very appreciated.


I am tired and busy, I don’t remember all responses but I am sure people know who all I am talking about. One more good that came out was that someone whom i didn’t speak to much all through my course except hi hello and a little cribbing about a few profs … i shared the details and he spoke to me and saved me from making a wrong decision. It feels so good to know that there are such people around. People who use the brain and heart together

God bless them

If you want to die – It should be grand.

One of my friend’s dad was recently diagnosed with malaria. To think about it, it such a sad way to lose life. One insect? Science has made such marvelous discoveries, but it can’t tackle mosquitoes?

Dying is such a huge thing..it is such a big transformation…all because of an insect? no!

on one hand, yes, one must consider the fact that something as tiny as a mosquito can cause so much harm but i feel so disturbed thinking that a mosquito can end my life. what amazes me is to think about it spiritually, this could be the divine plan…maybe in front of HIM we are all the same. no one is big or small…but anyway guys, take care this monsoon. BE healthy, Be Safe.


My eldest chacha had come to visit us recently. He is the eldest in the family and is about to turn 80 soon. He never got married as he likes to stay alone. He lived with us till i was 20 and then he told my dad that i was old enough to look after myself now and he wants to live alone again.. I am the eldest daughter in our family so have been pampered like crazy by all and especially by him. He has brought me up as if he was my dad. 🙂

He is extremely independent and still loves to cook and travel by himself. So, like i said, he recently came to visit us and while it was time for him to go i asked him if i could come to drop him till the bus stop as i had to go to the atm anyway, He agreed. On our way to the bus stop he told me to walk in the inner side of the road so i could be away from the traffic.

To feel love like this is to be truly blessed. 🙂

What is real?

What is real?

I am not going into mysticism and maya or “Matrix” real, don’t worry, this is a lighter topic, read on…

What is real? I was recently in pune with family and we stayed in this aashram that had a tin covered terrace. we were resting at noon and feeling extremely lazy to go explore and the heavy rainfall didn’t make things easy.

At 4, my mom finally got up and asked us if we would like tea. It was slightly dark outside and i just didn’t feel like getting up. The sound of rain felt musical. I had to meet a very special friend and decided to leave my safe and dry abode. My mom tried to dissuade me from going because we were in a strange city and it was heavily pouring. We decided to leave anyway and as i was waiting for my mom to get ready, i opened the window a little JLT and I was shocked. I expected it to be a thunderstorm but I saw that it was merely a drizzle.

So what caused this loud pitter patter? the tin roof and the silent atmosphere probably. This brings me back to the question, what is real?

Probably what we experience using all our 5 senses.

Any views?

10 character password :-X I don’t think so.

I read in today’s paper about the 10 character password. We are to have a mix of letters and numbers and characters. The research says that if you do this then you can be rest assured that your password is safe for the next 20 years or so.

In my case, I remember, few years back, one of my friends taught me how to use my card to remove money from the atm. Now, since he knew my password, I decided to change it.  After a few days I realized that i couldn’t remember my new password. 😦 I had to pay 350/- to get a new pin. 😦

So, i am super scared change my password again. I couldn’t remember my 4 numbers that i used as pin, here am supposed to remember letters and numbers and also characters… not my cup of tea for sure.

The flower blooms at the top

It is such a simple thing. We talk about the boss taking all the credit…but look at what nature teaches us. The top most flower is where the sun shines the most and it is the one that looks pretty.

The one who is at the top is going to be noticed before anyone else. It is human nature. It is nature. Why blame it? Why not accept it?

Also remember, the one that is at the top gets the most heat without the ones below know about it 🙂