Cobwebs are where spiders live.
Spiders eat other insects like mosquitoes
human beings don’t like mosquitoes.
so shouldn’t human beings like spiders and cobwebs?
Y do they then remove it?
Only because the house might look nice?

I asked my mom this today and she told me to not ask her questions to which she doesn’t have answers. 😦
so I ask you?
Do u have an answer?

Eh behrya…

I was walking down the road around 9 am along with the rats running in their race, I passed a garage where I found the owner yelling “EH” to someone. I couldn’t understand who this person was because no one responded and he again yelled “Aay”. Again, no response.
The third time he went “Eh behrya” and I couldn’t help but laugh over it.

What was the point, I don’t know but In our own little world, we do such silly things without thinking. We just want to achieve things without realizing that we are saying or doing. Silly, isn’t it?

Anything can happen!!!

I was walking down the road sometime back, it was heavily pouring and I saw the grass come out of every possible place in between the stones.
Wonderful na?
All there was for the grass to come – very little soil and lots and lots of water… ? yet somehow when it rained, there was grass everywhere.

Anything can happen!!!