Coffee or Hot water?

I avoid having business meetings at home, but sometimes there is no way out.

I recently had a gentleman for a discussion at home.

I asked him about his preference – Tea or Coffee.

He said “Very mild Coffee”

As I moved to the kitchen, He said, No Sugar.

I smiled and went in.

At this time, he yelled “Very little milk”

Now I couldn’t help myself, There are some people whom I just have to tease, I really can’t control my urge to make fun of them and tease them. I came out of the kitchen and asked him if I could just heat the water in the microwave for 10 seconds and give him. We both burst out laughing.

What is funnier is that, it is exactly what he wanted. He likes to drink warm water with a flavor of coffee.

Hehehe weird ne?

A pup followed me

A pup followed me for sometime. It is the world’s best feeling in the world I guess.

I was sort of in my own world, actually slightly late for a meeting when I heard him call me. I looked back and saw he was right behind me. I smiled and continued walking. I sensed that he was still behind me. My smile grew. I kept walking. Looked back, still behind me. Oh wow. I didn’t feel like stopping. I continued to walk. He kept following. Now, I was the happiest person in the world alive. It was the cutest pup. I so wanted to take it home with me. Now that we are discussing of owning a pup, this one was perfect. But my meeting 😦 Anyway, I continued walking and looking back to check on him. Every time I saw him following, my heart grew a little. 😀

This is not first time this has happened. But today was something special. Something magical. Something I probably needed to witness. Life is so… (lost for words) reminds me of a song though

By the way, on the way
Humko jo mili hai filmi geet gaati hai, hass ti hai
Pagli si hai zara
Roothey bhi maane bhi, har lamha nayi hai zindagi
Moody hai zidi hai, kya karein kya pataa
Rukte hain kahan hum rok se
Chalte hain hawa ke jhonke se
Apni toh aisi hai zindagi
Yehi apni adaa hai kya karein
Koi bura jo maane kya karein
Humse toh hai khafa ab sabhi
Jaane do chodo bhi

I was sad when it stopped following me at the bend of the road. Probably his mom must have given him instructions not to go much far away from her. 🙂


Darkness has its own charm. Very few people appreciate darkness.   There is so much to see and do in life, so much beauty, so many wonders, so many people to talk to… I wish I didn’t have to sleep at all 😛 but I like night time as much as I love day time.

I remember reading “Mister God, This is Anna” by Fynn and falling in love with Anna and the fact that she was  “Night people”.

“Your soul don’t go very far in the daylight ‘cos it stops where you can see.””That supposed to make sense?” I asked.”The nighttime is better. It stretches your soul right out to the stars. And that,” she pronounced, “is a very long way. In the nighttime you don’t have to stopgoing out. It’s like your ears. In the daytime it’s so noisy you can’thear. In the nighttime you can. The nighttime stretches you.

Woody asked Anna “Do you like the darkness?”

Anna nodded. “It stretches you out big. It makes the box big.”He gave a little chuckle. “Indeed, indeed,” he said.

“My reason for preferring the darkness is that in the dark you have to describe yourself. In the daylight other people describe you. Do you understand that?”

There indeed is something very beautiful about the night. Guess what? It is a ray of light that makes the darkness beautiful and worthwhile 🙂