We were generally talking about life and control on life. There is a celebration happening soon. When an uncle asked my mom to come for it, My Mom said “Agar Uparwala chahega, I will reach” (If the one staying above us is willing, I will come)

The uncle looked surprised and replied with a smile “Chaturvediji kuch nai bolenge, aap aaiye na”(Mr. Chaturvedi will not have an objection, Please come)

We all had a good laugh.


This got me thinking.

I was recently with my ngo kids. I shared this incident with them. We were laughing, At this time, one of the kids said “Didi, Humare toh upar bhi koi nai rehta” All other kids burst out laughing…except the kid who said it.

He missed the real joke I guess. or did he?

Isn’t it true, the reason they stay where they stay is because “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needbut not every man’s greed.” We are all on planet earth to learn whatever we are here to learn and get the H@!! out. Each one is struggling with something or the other or we wouldn’t be here. Right?

The ones without uparwala struggle lot more than we do na? Lets hope we can help the ones who are without uparwala. Pls

The truth about Paneer

I bet u r wondering what is it that must have caught my interest in paneer. Paneer is so everywhere. What could I possibly find worth writing about?

Here it is.

Paneer is one of the examples of positivity. It is a scam that we like paneer… Paneer has no taste. It is completely bland. The masala along with paneer makes us want to taste the bland paneer. No one really likes paneer, Do we? There is nothing better to eat in indian cuisine in hotels. We don’t eat it because we like it, Who would like to eat bland rubber? We like the spices. Indian veg dishes are so limited. That is how and only how Paneer is still made and sold.

How did it start? It is because of someone being a very positive person and trying to make the best of it that we eat paneer.

Oh yes.

The first person to eat paneer was a guy. The wife must have spoilt the milk by mistake. The guy wanted to please his wife and make sure she didn’t feel bad about spoiling the milk, also he must have wanted to make the best out of waste.

That my friends is why and only why we still eat paneer.


I was out in the sun today. Though I had my umbrella, there was a point, I felt very tired and drained and decided to stop under a big yellow tree to drink some water. There were so many things in my bag, that it took me almost a minute to get hold of my small bottle.

As I drank, a beautiful breeze came from no where and a 1000 yellow flowers (ok, my exaggeration) were as if showered on me. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. My sis and I were discussing what is the most filmiest thing we have done. This shower today is the answer. I somehow feel accepted by nature. As silly as it sounds, I feel good.

This I believe is the tree that caused the shower.

Mumbai is set on a yellow fire with these trees everywhere. Lovely!


We didn’t have electricity for sometime now. I opened the door of my house to avoid melting on the floor. 😛 To my surprise, all doors on my floor were open. We neighbors had a small chit chat session.This used to happen in my last house during diwali. Everyone would open their doors and we would sit for hours chit chatting, making rangoli (my dad always wondered how it took me 6 hours to make rangoli 😉 ) and catching up… Hoping this lasts more than just 3-4 days. It never did. Now, Absence of electricity makes us open doors. Its true what they say – Technology alienates people

Doctors don’t understand pain

Mind you, this post is written in complete frustration. My doc has advised me not to use my right hand at all… completely. But how can that be possible? There are so many things to do. I believe these doctors have never spent any time sitting with a bandaged hand.

On Day 2

Doc, can I stop taking the pain killers? It makes me very sleepy.

Doc – Are u feeling pain

Me – Yes

Doc – Then no.

Me – 😦


On day 3

The pain is very bearable. Can I stop taking the pain killers today?

Doc – Yes

Me – 🙂


On Day 4

Can i stop wearing the bandage?

Doc – No

Me – Pls, I feel restricted. Am hating it. Pls.

Doc – No

ME – 😦


On Day 5

Can i stop wearing the bandage today

Doc – No

Me – Can i atleast stop applying the ointment? it burns my skin. You don’t let me remove the bandage, pls let me not apply the cream. It smells and burns. Let me feel that there is some progress.

Doc – Ok

At night

Me – My hand is hurting, am applying the cream

Doc – 🙂


On day 6

Me – Why is my hand still hurting?

Doc – Because u don’t rest.

Me – 😦

Doc – Remove bandage for sometime and dip hand in cold and warm water.

Me – ok. 😦

Doc – Remember to wear the bandage after that.

Me – $%^ $&^%& %^&*^%*^$*


These docs should have a mock bandage wrapped on them for atleast 2 weeks to understand what it feels like. %^%$^!@!#

Learning because of my thumb

It started as a very very minor discomfort and ended up with me not being able to use my right hand for 4 days now. Life is so tough sometimes. I have been using my left hand past 4 days now and trust me, I have never been in so much pain for such a long duration ever. My mom says – wait till you deliver a baby to shut me up. 😛

My maid was on leave few weeks back and this was at the time my article in New Woman came out. I remember this because I was laughing at His irony and ways to keep me humble. I cleaned every nook and corner of the house with all my might. Nothing happened for 2 weeks.

All of a sudden, there was this slight discomfort in my right wrist about 10 days back. As every woman does, I ignored it obviously. Slowly it grew, I applied ghee for some reason and stayed in the sun for sometime. It sort of healed but next morning, my hand was stiff. The stiffness reduced in few hours and I was busy with work. When I woke up on thursday, before saying my prayers, I had decided that I had to go the doctor today. 😦 If you know me, You know that it is my least favorite thing in the world. So, u can imagine the pain.

On the way, the pain increased. It was so weird. I left home alone thinking I could handle it, I was on my way to the hosp and the pain was increasing. I couldn’t bear to move my right hand now. At the hosp, there was a 2 hour wait and my mind was filled with the most obnoxious thoughts possible. I even imagined myself without an arm. 🙂 I called home and thank heavens it was holiday and mom came to my rescue. I love my mom. ❤

There are some important things I learnt though. Nothing new, nothing I hadn’t read before but experiencing it and learning it based on experience, really teaches u stuff at a whole new level. I don’t know if you will learn because I have learnt it, but that’s life I guess. We don’t learn from others mistakes, we are so hell bent on making our own. Anyway, the painkillers have put me on in a even more philosophical zone than ever, so bear with me.

  1. Mom and family is truly heaven sent
  2. No one can understand your pain as you can. When I was asked to describe my pain on a scale of 1 to 10, I said 9 and my sister laughed coz apparently childbirth is 6 to 8, but what does she know. Each one has their own threshold of pain
  3. Even a single negative thought or negative wish can come true. I remember thinking how life would be if I even had a plaster. Now… Sigh, watch your thoughts, Count your blessings. One single muscle can bring you to tears.
  4. Negative thoughts can drain your energy in a jiffy. Singing helps 🙂 Mom’s kind words definitely help.
  5. Suffering is actually a very beautiful experience. It truly makes u feel His presence.  The hosp I went is at walking distance from my house and the doc is available on Thursday and Monday only. Thank God, My pain increased on Thursday or I would have to go some far away hospital. I went at 9 because I was to go in that direction anyway and realized that if i would have gone at 11, The doctor wouldn’t be there. So thank God for whatever reasons I went early. The lady standing in the queue before me was an angel sent till the time my mom came. She helped me fill my form and also tried to take my mind off my hand when she realized I was crying. When you sit alone with your pain, Learning comes on its own. The seat besides me was empty for sometime. I have always felt His presence when I am alone like this.
  6. And thank Heavens it was my right hand and not my left. 😛

Stay healthy

Keep smiling

Send me good wishes for a quick healing, Got lots of work to do. 🙂

Oh so full of myself.

I am just so happy and full of myself right now. I checked the stats today to find that my blog has a global presence. People from other countries actually read, WOW, am just so flattered and full of myself right now 😛


Here is a HUGE .. the Hugest Thank you to everyone who reads it. And a even bigger Thank YOU who like it and take pains to comment on it.

Thank YOU very very much. You make me want to write everyday guys. Thanks a ton.

Summer Nights

Summer at day is hot, sticky, sweaty and just so unbearable if you are out there in the heat.

BUT Summer at night is just so cool.  The breeze soothes every sunburn, as if to make up for the torture of the day.

It is breezy… as if to tell us

– that there are small moments of cool you can enjoy in the summer as well,

– that a better season is not very far away

Pity myself

I know that I am not the richest or the most talented in the world, but I do have a very good life.There is no reason to pity myself or feel sad about my life. God has been very kind to me. But there is one thing that surely makes me pity myself.. It is when I watch discovery channel and watch incredible India. I wish I could travel more than I do 😦

Traveling truly enriches ones life. The best form of traveling I believe is walking. Though it is a super fantastic wish, I obviously can’t walk on earth even if I started walking today…Though I try to walk as much as I can in a new place. Next best is a road trip. Actually flying isn’t bad either, it would be better if the plane was transparent, the person sitting on the aisle seat wouldn’t be miserable or with a pain in her neck 😉