Oh Rain, where art thou?

A few kids came home to chat yesterday. Amongst other things, One kid expressed her desire for it to rain. The other said, Oh yes, it sure looks like it will rain.

And I realized that everyone who is a kid at heart is waiting for it to rain everyday. Even the smallest cloud brings the biggest joy. We tell each other, we point at the cloud and exclaim – It will rain today. It is silly for the grumps. They will see the logged water, the wet clothes and whatever, Kids will see the magic.

Oh rain, pls come


There is this lovely place that I wish my mom could come to. Actually, I wish The whole world could go there and then this would become The Brighter World. Someday…

My mom finds some reason not to go, Any excuse is as good as another.

The best part is, Whenever I am there, Most of my loved ones ask me about her. I just become happy at the mention of her there. Hopefully the fact that other people ask about her creates an effect and a pull too. I know its silly but just humor me that it does. ūüôā

A part of dream comes true

Last year, sometime around September, I told my dad, I want to build a sparrow house. He said no. I said it is important for me and the sparrows and mother nature and whole other reasons. At this point in our relationship, he had stopped arguing and started giving in to all my wishes. He sighed, shook his head  and said that we will try to check if we can get a carpenter. I got busy with my work and he got busy with his plans in life. 

For some months, the sparrow house was the last thing on my mind. But now, when I spoke to someone(He doesn’t want to be named, I have so many mystery angel’s in my life that I can’t complain to Him about anything anymore) about it, He told me that there is someone he knows who shifted to Abu Dhabi and has a sparrow house he wanted to give. I said PERFECT. Though I want to build a huge one myself sometime in the future, I would really want this one too.

So, A thought in September materializes in May. Not bat at all. Thanks to the wonderful kids in my building, Here is a part of my dream coming true. 


It is strange how life works out. Yesterday night, I was so¬†disappointed¬†with the world. People are cheating, copying, killing. It started with me watching the movie “Accepted” The movie Faltu is a rip off of the movie “accepted” I was so pleased that indian cinema made a movie like Faltu. It had its non veg humor but besides that, the concept was amazing. Day before yesterday, I saw “Accepted” and realized that it is so… Why can’t people make their own movies. why do we copy?

I watched “Half Ticket” and was so annoyed. It took me more than 30 minutes to adjust to the speed of the movie.¬†I could guess all the jokes which was slightly¬†disappointing but Kishore Kumar managed to make me laugh at the end of it. Why are same jokes copied?¬†Everything is so fast now. People eat while watching tv, I do too, but why? They are always busy, always running, for what? Recently there was a photo of fat Aishwarya in some newspaper. Why are we celebrating someone’s negative news? why are we telling it to other people? What is wrong with people?

Kids are the only ones who seem sane to me. Kids show me hope and truly are a breath of fresh air in this $#%$^% world. Kids tell me that there is a better tomorrow coming, hopefully.

My special Day is back

Remember today’s date?

I had 3 surprise parties last year. I still can’t imagine how my friends and family ppl pulled it off but it was a very very happy day. I bet there is nothing anyone can do to top last year. But am sure it is going to be a very happy day this yr too. ūüôā

Anyway, What a perfect day to receive this?



I forgot to pay :P

My friends(Especially older guys and seniors) tell me that I have a bad quality. I always want to pay or go Dutch. I have had some fantastic arguments and made some really close friends because of this habit.. Coming to the point… I was recently telling a friend of mine who is also my physiotherapist (remember my thumb) – I have not seen the movie “Half Ticket.” He is a big movie buff. I don’t remember what he said to this, we were actually talking about someone else at that time and went back to out topic of contention. I happened to mention it to him that it is not available in most stores now and I have searched it pretty much everywhere, even piratebay. He said that he has contacts and we went back to our very interesting topic.

Few minutes after hanging up, He called again “I found the movie.”

I was shocked. He said that he will bring it along. I was very pleased. Slightly annoyed at the aspect that I will have to argue about the payments again. At this point you should know that he has still not accepted the payment for the bandage or let alone his services. We still argue about it and I keep telling him that my hand is not completely cured because he hasn’t accepted the payment.

By today morning, I completely forgot about the CD. We were very busy with individual work, so we briefly met for a minute, I was about to tell him goodbye and he said “Wait, I have half Ticket” and he got it for me. His face was glowing when he handed me the CD. There was something special about the light in his eyes. ¬†He was soooo happy to give it to me. Happier than I was to¬†receive¬†it, I guess. In all this, I forgot to argue about payment or the CD. I just accepted, smiled, and … went my way out.

Learned one thing, Some people truly give from their heart. They are really so happy to give something to you that every part of their being expresses happiness and love. The gift is filled with so much love that all silly ideas like giving money or saying a verbal thank you seems so useless.

I am very very thankful for such people in my Life. Thank YOU.

Raw or Ripe?

The season of mangoes is upon us again. Sigh!

There was a time when if I said “I don’t like mangoes much” People would either faint or call the exorcist or both ūüėõ

Now, things have changed. I hear a lot of people tell me that they don’t like it either and there are no “haws” or gasps at all.

Anyway, coming to the point,

Have you wondered why raw mango is so Sour whereas the same mango if ripe becomes unexceptionably sweet. People are so crazy behind the ripe mango, Everything starts and finishes with mangoes for them.

Infact some even claim that Eve had taken a bite of the mango and not the apple. Apple ke liye kya law todna.. but mango o o o o

My imagination says that the raw mango is also sweet till the time it is attached to the tree but when we pluck it before it is ripe, it gets angry and full of hate…hence turns sour. If one would wait, give it the time it needed… It would be something close to bliss ūüôā