Recite poems :P

I am envious of people who can think of an apt poem for the moment and remember it correctly to say it.

I was watching some award function where rajesh khanna was asked to say a few words. He said a beautiful couplet and it was so so perfect.

I too have a wish to say such a poem. I recently read a sufi book which had the following poem -I don’t remember it correctly but it goes something like this.

Adam ko khuda mat samajh,

Adam khuda nahi

Lekin adam uske  noor se

Jyaada juda bhi nai

IT must be existing

I have heard about it. People use it in daily conversation. I don’t know if they mean it or no but they use the term very loosely. I have experienced it in the past but for some reason, it was always taken as a given. Now, with each passing day, the feeling that IT must be existing is growing and it is becoming impossible for me not to believe in it.

Bollywood seems to be full about it. Others told me that it is all humbug. IT can’t exist. It is to sell movies. It is how they imagine IT to be. My argument – even if imagination, it came from somewhere. Right, It was someone’s imagination. So why can’t it exist?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am talking about the L word. The feeling that makes the world go round. The thing that God is supposed to be full of. I am talking about LOVE.

I remember, for an article about valentines day, I had asked questions about Perfect couples. More than less, I  got personal answers…People spoke about their parents as being the perfect couple or other people they had met. I had to emphasize that I want Bollywood names and I actually got an argument that we are not sure how they are in real life, but my parents are truly perfect for each other.

My Mom and dad too seem perfect to me based on my experience in last 2-3 yrs. I have seen how much a wife can endure and how silly a man can be to not be able to express his love. I have also seen my dad’s eyes light up (even when he was under strong medication) when mom came from work. So, no matter what, I can’t help but believe in IT’s existence now. Whats say?

*Talking on a human level, not about DIVINE love


Trees on mountains…are like Relationships.

Don’t get confused reading the topic, read the post and let me know if you agree. Trees on mountains are like relationships.

Some trees are wise to store water and endure the harsh summers and live.

Some dry away

I know it is not a profound discovery. The thought process started because my friend was wondering how the trees on mountains manage to stay alive. The reason he asked is because where he stays, There is a small hill and it has trees and there is a lady in their locality who waters them.

So, I told him, there are some relationships where both are smart and are able to endure, Some are not, and some get angels who help them. 🙂

Things that don’t make sense – Part 9

Someone quoted Leo F. Buscaglia “A single rose can be my garden…a single friend, my world” on my blog few days back

Sorry but it doesn’t make any sense to me. I get the concept of having a single true friend. am ok with that. But then how will I help the world? What is he trying to say? What to do with the others?

And 1 flower my garden? Impossible, maybe i am greedy but i can’t see a garden in just 1 flower. no, not happening.

Anyone care to explain?

Nature just gives…

Nature is so wonderful. Even though the plant is dying, It still manages to bear flowers. I was so disappointed to see my newly brought plant die but i guess this was the learning behind it. Nature is trying to show that we can each do something, age, circumstances are no barriers. You can do something if u really want to do it.

Can Hardly wait!!!!

Every part of my heart is waiting for it to rain. The weather is just right. The air is just right. Though not everything is perfect but it sure is gonna rain today.

My heart skips a beat every time there are birds on my roof because it sure does sound like rain, Oh God!, Let it rain. Don’t tease us with a slight shower… Just come and drown us in your love.

Benefits of a cold water bath

The following information is being published for public awareness 😉
I spoke to a very good doc recently, and he told me the benefits of taking bath in cold water. I think you too could benefit.
  • Heat reduction
  • Removing toxins – Hot water is only advised for very wk patients who are like on bed most of the time
      Cold water has the force of life but hot does not
  • Helps to heal the skin aliments faster
  • reproductive energy of skin and new cells in body due to cooling effects.
  • Cold water is the best healer, U can experience a goosebumps when cold water is sprinkled on the skin. That’s also an indication of health. It makes the skin tight and protects from flabby skin and wrinkles too. u won’t have to do skin lifts treatments
  • Restoration of energy

Aristotle’s secret on being angry, Revealed.

Aristotle says Anyone can become angry — that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way — this is not easy.

He is right, it is not easy, but that is not why he doesn’t recommend it, There is a deep mystery behind this quotation and it is revealed to only those who have tried to be angry in the right degree. When you are aware and start contemplating about the degree and the purpose and the way… U think it is too much trouble and decide to forget it and move on. THAT IS THE SECRET 😛 He didn’t want you to stay angry. Methinks staying angry is waste of time too. So spread this secret, forgive yourself, forgive others and help them forgive others.