Things that don’t make sense – Part 9

Someone quoted Leo F. Buscaglia “A single rose can be my garden…a single friend, my world” on my blog few days back

Sorry but it doesn’t make any sense to me. I get the concept of having a single true friend. am ok with that. But then how will I help the world? What is he trying to say? What to do with the others?

And 1 flower my garden? Impossible, maybe i am greedy but i can’t see a garden in just 1 flower. no, not happening.

Anyone care to explain?

3 thoughts on “Things that don’t make sense – Part 9

  1. we dont hv to b frn of smbdy / each one in the world to help them,,, n regarding single flower n garden concept, will think over it

  2. wat Leo said, its meaning depends upon the context… if I take literal meaning, it may not mk sense, bt if I take in the context of turning smbody’s life for good, tht makes sense… I dont hv to target 100 ppl or anything like tht, if I CAN contribute to change one life in the garden of this world.. tht shud b better than doing nothing… n thr is no bar on my work,,, its up to my capability.. he says, 1 flower, CAN be my garden..

    its nt mking tht perfect sense… need to think more ovr it 😦

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