I was gardening yesterday. I don’t have any tools whatsoever for gardening, I have honestly never felt under equipped. Instead of a shovel, I use a katora. Instead of the instrument to mix soil, I use fork. I wish we had a pipe connection so I wouldn’t have to fill the 2 bottles 6-7 times a day but this thought never came across my mind until yesterday when my neighbor saw me put gobar with a spoon in the soil.

It is then that i realized that my passion or love or happiness or whatever it is that I feel after planting a new plant or watering or feeding it gobar is so great that I have never ever seen or felt the difficulties ever.

This brings me to the point of excuses. Excuses are really excuses no? If we really want to do something, we don’t think. We do it!

An unknown benefit of getting up early.

There is a very important but unknown benefit of getting up very early in the morning. It is good for health, good for efficiency, all this is normal and well spoken for, but there is a very important unknown fact and that is – If your day hasn’t begun well, u can go back to sleep and get up again by 6 am and it would still be early morning and you get another try to restart your day 😛

Issues in the kidney.

If you feel anything wrong with the kidney, the best advice people keep giving you is to drink lots of water. Just thinking, how can drinking water mend the issue?

The answer came to my mind when I was drinking water 😛 The main function of the kidney is to filter and purify body… If you don’t give it that function, it will make noise and hence cause pain.

This can be seen in our life too. If you don’t give people love they need to function, there might be pain 🙂


I heard my driving instructor say with a frown that people press the accelerator when the road is congested with vehicles but end up driving slowly when it is empty. And how true is this statement!

I have my friend who is not allowed to do a particular practice in her house. So she ends up doing it in the bathroom or when nobody is around in the house. And whereas I have all the freedom to do it, but my lazy little self …

So I was thinking about hurdles and why they are put in front of us. Human beings are so much dramatic that they do not like what is easily available to them. Foolish little us want drama, want some excitement, some sense of achievement … Nehi to maza hi nehi aata!


I was recently talking to a Bengali friend and called him rasogolla. He asked me  if I meant in a derogatory way. I was taken aback. Because there is no way I could see rasogolla a derogatory term for anything. He said that there are some people who call him rasogolla in a derogatory way. I told him that I was calling him rasogolla because he is extremely sweet and pure as a person. He replied that I should be calling him misti instead of rasogolla because misti means sweet in Bangla and rasogolla is only a type of sweet.

There are two things that I learnt from this. First is perception. How can something white, sweet, soft, pure like rosogulla can ever be derogatory? The person using it has obviously never tested a rasogolla in his life. And the person who thinks it is a bad word should change his perception about it. Secondly, men who go for technical aspects can be very adorable.

Have you EVER?

Have you ever been so alone in the world when it was gently raining and heard the soft laugh of rain on your umbrella?

Have you ever been so alone with nature/God/Love/Universe …whatever u might want to call it…

Have you ever tried to move the umbrella and let the soft rain caress you?

Have you ever seen the shadow of the dancing trees in the yellow street light and felt it in tandem with the giggling rain?

Have you ever heard music that you have never knew existed?

Have you ever realized how content you are with life and realized that you are smiling

Have you ever seen a dog with one ear up and one ear down and let your smile turn into laughter as you pass him by?

Have you ever been so much in love with Love and Life?


I was wondering about Google recently. You will get exactly what you are looking for.

It can search for ANYTHING but it is still searching for what you want. If u search “women are good” It will search and confirm your belief and vice versa too.. Kind of like life. What you think is what you finally get!

I now understand what Picasso meant – Computers are useless.They can only give you answers!

Happy teacher’s day to LIFE

Hey Life,

Wish you a happy teacher’s day! You are one of the best and only constant teacher we have, sadly most of us limit wishing to our school teachers and completely forget about you. That’s just how things are 😦

Here is giving the credit where it is due, to my constant teacher – LIFE.

Your very lazy, erratic and undisciplined student,


PS – Do I get some brownie points for wishing you? Will you make the lessons easier? 😛

Err, On second thoughts…Let the lessons be, Polish me as much as u want, but pls don’t let me lose hope ever.

I will never get tired of the rains

I am so delighted that it is finally raining in mumbai.

I know the nuisance it is causing. I was stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours yesterday… cold and wet… but I could never really curse the rain. I can never get enough of it.

I don’t mind removing clothes from the wires when it begins to rain,

I don’t mind the wet dog smell in my building

I don’t mind me not able to get up early morning because of the cold weather

I don’t mind the slight rashes on the skin or itchiness of the scalp

I don’t mind the muddy water or the kichad on the clothes.

I don’t mind sneezing because of the cold.

I don’t mind anything because of the rains.


I don’t mind that it takes more than 6 hours for my hair to dry

I don’t mind anything…

Oh Rain, u can  be assured of one thing – I will never get tired of U.