Learnings from Bigg Boss

People keep asking me why I spend my precious time in watching Bigg Boss season 6. The main reason is that is so much like life.

Here is what i have learned

  1. Bigg Boss is like God, he is always watching, always listening, but he waits till the right moment to respond.
  2. no one has met bigg boss (like God) people can only feel or hear him
  3. When u enter bigg boss, u don’t know whom u will end up meeting, same is with life.
  4. You can’t rely on anyone. You can’t say who is playing what game. You got to be strong and keep doing your work
  5. You come to bigg boss on your own, but can’t leave on your own. you might or might not want to leave.
  6. Some people will be happy, some will be sad when u leave

will update more soon


2 thoughts on “Learnings from Bigg Boss

  1. Even I am a avid watcher of BB6. Your perspective is interesting to note. The 4th point you mentioned “can’t rely on anyone” does that mean you can’t trust anyone ? Is that what you mean ?

  2. Sunayana… I liked your note on things one can learn from watching BB… I got a similar set of learnings when I used to watch WWF on Star Sports or Roadies on MTV… and I used to very similar explainations..

    but the question is.. once you have the learnings.. why continue watching? Doesnt the bitching and gossiping pollute our inner soul?

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