How are you?

I have been sick lately … to the point of reaching the hospital. It started last monday and is just about leaving me thankfully. What bugs me the most is the question “How are you”. The poor family members on the other line couldn’t help but ask how i was and I don’t know what to answer!  I feel as if I am letting them down by telling them that I am still unwell. It is as if I am not getting well soon enough and they have to call and check everyday. I don’t know how to explain this feeling but the best answer I have come up with is “that I am getting better with each day” We all are na?

One thought on “How are you?

  1. it takes time for the lilies to bloom , isn’t it? beautiful pics of lilies in your garden ,white in colour , feel so fresh looking at it . when you say im getting better each day , is like blooming of lilies . take care -pinky

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