Mummy yaad aai?

I have recently officially been married, that explains my absence from writing. There is one question that bugs me a lot but I get asked almost everyday – Toh mummy yaad aayi?
I don’t know how to answer this question.

I guess what they mean is that now do i understand how much my mom did for me and now do I miss her? What I don’t understand is that was I such a bad brat that I didn’t realize how much my mom did for me? I k now what my mom does and I find it very very bugging to know that people think that a mom is missed only for work. I don’t like that one bit. My mom didn’t just work and it is not just the work that I miss. I can’t explain what and how my mom has made me what I am but she has definitely taught me to live in the present. Not to regret, not to whine but accept, deal and live. So much so that we didn’t cry at my bidaai. I have been taught by my family not to cry though that teaching can’t always be followed but what was the point of crying? I have married an almost perfect guy I could and he takes care of me just like my mom did.
So do i miss my mom after marriage? The only answer that i can think of is that I never really forgot about her. 😀