Honest shopkeeper – 1

This post has been on my mind since January. I didn’t know what to call it and somehow kept postponing writing it. This incident has happened when I was shopping for sarees before my marriage. The last Saree I was buying at almost 8 in the night. The only color left was dark green. My Mausi wanted me to buy a paithani Saree and somehow it all came together nicely at a shop called “divya sarees” at Saree market. This shop is in the lane from dadar station to Gandhi market. It is near bharatkshetra. 

Now, the reason for writing this post. The shopkeeper at divya sarees is the most honest shopkeeper I have ever seen. I selected the Saree, checked it nicely and was about to make payment when the shopkeeper told me that there was some mark on the blouse piece Shd if I liked then he would replace my Saree in a weeks time or he had other such sarees but with slight different patterns. Or I could try other shops. It was very much possible that the same pattern was available without any defect. I was so touched by his honesty that I immediately said yes for a different pattern. Only a woman can understand the annoyance she feels on trying to find a Saree again after liking one finally. Hope you can imagine how m7ch his honesty touched me. When I went to collect my sari after they had roll pressed it, I asked if he was related to the owner. He said no. I was amazed at his honesty evermore as I wondered if he didn’t fear losing his job. He said sab chalta hai. It was better than spoiling my heart for him just because of a mark on the blouse

I would humbly request all you lovely people to buy sarees from this shop if possible.

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