Honest Shopkeeper – 02

I love eating pani puri, pizza and vada pao in mumbai. I am constantly trying out new places. I remember this incident happened while I was shopping for my wedding and had a strong desire to eat Pani Puri. I was at mangaldas market and decided to take a pani puri break.

pani puri

I found one opposite the market, about 5 mins towards Dadar. I enjoyed each gappa and was so thankful. I don’t like drinking the remaining water so I was about to throw it when the shopkeeper stopped me. He took my plate and drank the khatta meetha pani. I was stunned. He sensed my question and told me that I make it with a lot of effort and can’t see it all go to waste. I felt embarrassed.

6 months after marriage, I now know the effort that goes in cooking. Though this hasn’t been a life changing event but I admire his honesty towards his work. Going to mangaldas market in the evening is not really possible but if you are there, U can eat the delicious pani puri and be rest assured of the contents as you know it is made by someone who loves his work and is honest, diligent and passionate about it to say the least.

Swami Vivekanand says “One who does a lower work is not a lowly person. No one should be judged by the mere nature of their duties. All should be judged by the manner and the spirit in which they perform their duties.” Karma Yoga. New York, 1895. Complete Works, 1. 66.

How True?


We recently found someone locked in our building and we tried to open the door from outside. I learnt something about simplicity that day. The so  called sophisticated latches can be opened in few minutes by professional but there seemed only 2 ways to open the door with the kundi system.

1 cut the door
2 call daya from cid


It is true when they say that simplicity has its own charm. No friend can buy and no foe can steal


Met river ganga on my visit to kolkata and saw somr kids happily bathing at bally ghat. The thought that it is impure struck me and the erin brokovich in me told me to go tell them to come out of the water. A thought stopped me in my tracks. Ganga’ s impurities are only in physical form. The soul is pure and healing. The impurities may effect our physical form but will heal our spirit

Social Life of cats

I recently met a cat called Mori in my husband’s village. It seems she has had 3 kittens. After spending some time with aww and oohs I was stunned. I asked my husband – If this is a house cat, How did she have kittens? My husband said that she roams around in the village and has a social life. I don’t know about you but I found all this very amusing till one night my husband showed me the other cat who would come to visit her.



The fruit – 1


I had sown karela in a pot. After few days 2 leaves sprouted but my husband told me that they are not karelas. I didn’t believe him. I checked online and saw that karela was a creeper and my plant that shot up was a creeper too.  That was good enough for me. The second plant I figured was rajgira. I let it grow. The plant that I assumed was karela is slowly conquering the grill of the balcony whereas the second plant has bourn a flower as u can see in the pic. My husband says that his doubt is clear…it is Mirchi.

I am finding all this very amusing. Isn’t it funny that kids with their actions show who the parents really are. In humans, children become a reflection of parents and reveal their true identity and so is happening in case of plants.

I will post the true identity of the plant soon. 🙂

Sunayna’s Law – 1

Inspired from Edward A Murphy, I have come up with one law.

When a patient enters a hospital, he becomes half well and when a healthy individual enters a hospital, he becomes half unwell.

My logic – Patient thinks that i am in good hands now and will get well. By reading the posters and advertisements in hospital about irregular bowel syndrome, depression, improper filtering of kidney etc, a healthy person starts feeling half unwell.


Ever wondered why is the person who stays in the hospital called Patient?




Coz he needs to be patient. Patient to let the body heal.
Patient to let the doctors take their time
Patient with people who keep asking how he or she is
Patient patient patient