The fruit – 1


I had sown karela in a pot. After few days 2 leaves sprouted but my husband told me that they are not karelas. I didn’t believe him. I checked online and saw that karela was a creeper and my plant that shot up was a creeper too.  That was good enough for me. The second plant I figured was rajgira. I let it grow. The plant that I assumed was karela is slowly conquering the grill of the balcony whereas the second plant has bourn a flower as u can see in the pic. My husband says that his doubt is clear…it is Mirchi.

I am finding all this very amusing. Isn’t it funny that kids with their actions show who the parents really are. In humans, children become a reflection of parents and reveal their true identity and so is happening in case of plants.

I will post the true identity of the plant soon. 🙂

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