The first step

I was experimenting with my sister’s exercycle. I saw her do it effortlessly and wanted yo give it a shot.  I climbed on it and tried to push the pedal. Almost giggled at my strength as the pedal didn’t budge. I used my hands to give it the initial push and things went on smoothly.

This got me to the realization that only the initial steps of the journey are the most difficult.  If u remember, I had posted about not being able to get up early…thankfully past few days I am able to get up at my desired time without much difficulty. Thanks to Him, I got His push when I needed it the most….now ineed his support to help me continue on the journey.

Probably this is how the habit works..u do it for the first few times and soon you are able to do it efficiently and effortlessly…leaving wide eyed people wondering how on earth do u manage to do it

Not a love story

Heer ranjha, laila majnu, soni mahiwal … all great love stories, or are they really? How can it be love if they didn’t marry.  Marriage to me is the true test of love. Maybe there was great attraction and the idea of how love and marriage will be that made them long for each other and also sacrifice.

Marriage makes you truly realize if you truly love or not. Love is not waiting for him to call, love is calling and ensuring that all is well with his ot her families.

Love is not just day dreaming about the person and imagining that he or she will not create the same issues that your parents create but praying for his or her welfare.

Love is not buying special gifts, though one or two occasionally don’t hurt, love is remembering to bring onion home without your wife reminding you.

Love is not whispering sweet nothings to your spouse but appreciating and knowing when not to speak.

The great lovers of all time didn’t just sit in the comfort of their house and yearn, they got married and grew together….they fought but came back at night, maybe for some more fighting but whatever be the circumstances stayed together.  However, wherever with what so ever

Apne log

I was standing in queue for the bathroom in the theatre. The queue I was in was moving ok. The queue next to me seemed fast. The line next to that was not movong at all. the lady whose turn was to come had become very anxious. Her friend in the fast queue had reached the door from third position whereas she was stuck outside the door. The anxious lady did everything she could to control her anger and bang the door. She also mentioned that this was the major problem of coming in groups through which I understood the reason behind the sudden crowd on a weekday in a faraway theatre.Finally she heard the sound she was waiting for. Once she realized who was on the other end of the door, she said ‘apne hi log hai’ and then asked her friend who had come out ‘sab theek hai na’ with so much love that it was hard for me to believe that this was the same anxious woman from before. 

What changed her?
Was it fear of getting angry in front of her friend?
Was it sisteehood?
Was it really love?
If so, where was it when she didn’t know who was on the other side?
Y is our love or understanding or tolerance limited to the people we know?

On throwing water

I was waiting for someone outside my building. Like most roads in mumbai, this too filled with potholes. Intelligently, I chose a spot where no water could be splashed. Waiting, seeing the splashes and everything, a thought hit me, Doesn’t this water spilling hit the car too?

Doesn’t this spoil the car too?

Why don’t we (including me) not realize that every negative thing we do for others comes back to us?


Y anywhere?

If I could take my family or friends to any place on the planet, where would that be and how would I make the trip the happiest one ever is the question.
I have 3 answers.

1 Y go anywhere? Is my happiness dependent on going somewhere? Though I keep cribbing that I don’t travel as much as I did earlier, It is sure that if I am not happy at home, there is no guarantee that I will be happier anywhere else.

I recently read “House of Cards” by Sudha Murthy. As most of you know, she is my idol and my writing is inspired by her. Though the lesson has been taught in different forms, a reminder helps now and then. The book puts a point across strongly that money cannot buy happiness. It is truly the people who are living with slightly lesser funds than needed are happier. Hence running away from here to a vacation with family and friends will not and really cannot make one happy. But on the other hand and point no. 2 is that I wouldn’t mind going anywhere with my family. I truly have a crazy set of people who can ensure that we can have fun anywhere. We all have a fabulous sense of humor and a lot of private jokes that outsiders may not be able to understand. So it doesn’t really matter if it is the bone chilling cold at Oymyakon, Russia or the unbearably hot weather at Death Valley in California. It could be Dry Valleys at Antartica or the lush green Brazilian forests. It could be the remote Tristan group of islands or the very happening and chaotic aamchi mumbai. I know that it won’t matter. What will matter is that we are all together.We will find ways to keep ourselves and others motivated. We all have different interests. I like exploring nature, few members in my family like sports, some like playing games, some enjoy cooking, some enjoy driving us around and some really like to explore the eating options. This brings me to my answer 3, From my observation and past knowledge, I know my family is really wanting to go to bangkok. Well, hopefully one day …


U can’t give enough – Happy birthday MOM

Among other things, my mom has taught me to always buy gifts for other people and never to go empty handed to any body’s house. She has also taught me to give pimageeople more than they give you and remember yo do it with love always.

It has been 6 months that I am married, my mom must have come here at least 10 times and with my busy new life, I have visited her about 5 times. The first time we went was on the 8th day of marriage and we had lots of goodies to give. She and my mausi helped us set the  me with basics. My hubby told me that we have to repay all this.  But…. it is the most difficult thing in the world.  Every time we take something for her.. she already has a bag of goodies to give us….mostly fruits and sometimes special chocolates and other tidbits. It is just impossible to give my mom anything extra…she will always give you more in return.

Today is her birthday, 6th august. Here is wishing her a lifetime of love and happiness

My favorites

We can’t describe smells. Atleast I can’t. It is interesting that we only have names that describe smells but never really describe a smell. I wish I could tell you about the beautiful smells and the memories I have. Let me try


My most favorite smell is of tadka. Thankfully, most of you know about it. The number one reason I like this smell is because this is the last fragrance I get which lets me know that my dinner is done and I can eat now. 🙂


My second favorite smell is of tea. This is actually a surprise to me as I am not a tea drinker. My hubby is. There is something about this smell. Though it means that after drinking this, my hubby will be off to work.. I still like the smell of freshly made tea.



My all time favorite smell is of raindrops. Am sure everybody knows this and likes this smell.

It reminds me and means that summer is over. I don’t need to hide from the sun. I don’t need to think of thin clothes to wear. I don’t need to feel sleepy or not eat.. World becomes better. World becomes so nice. it definitely smells better 😛


 I like the smell of gaoti gulab. The smell is … intoxicating. It in some ways defines womanhood to me. I can sit on the window sill and watch tv or whatever with the flower just beside me and the day seems perfect. When people ask me what plants should they get in their house, This one tops my list. Sadly, I don’t have it in my house right now 😛


The smell of Raat Rani is awesome too. Sometimes I wish I could capture it and the cool night air and use it in the summers.

Too bad nothing is as original as this.





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