I like everything…. mostly

I have always worried myself on this. I like everything, People normally like beaches and not mountains. I don’t mind either.

Cats or dogs, dogs mostly but I wouldn’t mind a cat either

Chocolate and pani puri, both are ok

maths and art, definitely both.

I wonder how or why I am like this. Is it because I don’t know what i like? Is it because am so desperate that I don’t have either and could do with any. Anyway, I know life is happier like this. So far so good.

Once a day

My new mom (mother-in-law) told me to switch off the gas as the milk would come to boil. I realized one thing that day. She milks the cow every 2 or 3 days or as and when the 2 or 2.5ltr that she had milked comes to an end which was frequent as I have a habit of drinking milk before sleeping. Anyway, coming to the point, I realized that she boils the milk once a day and keeps it in the cupboard. The milk doesn’t spoil. When I understood this a silly thought ran across in me. If we meditate daily we might not spoil ourselves and remain fresh too. 🙂

What decides beauty?

Early in the morning, my hubby and I were admiring the view outside the train window.  I told him that it all looks so very very pretty. He nodded. I said everything is pretty no? Everything. He looked at me admiringly and I knew he was about to say something wise. 🙂 He said it is because everything is fleeting. It is temporary. Also we are seeing it all from an ac window and not able to smell the garbage. He added with a chuckle.

To think about it, he is right. If we picked a spot near the rail line and decided to stay there, the place like any other place would reveal all its sides…. annoying, disturbing, harmful, noisy etc.

Yesterday, when we entered our compartment,  I was delighted to know that we had the last 2 seats near the door in the 2 tier ac compartment. As you must be knowing that there are 4 seats in each cabin. Since we have only 2 I was happy to know that we had our privacy. We could keep oyr bags safely and use the tray table conveniently.
Third thing I noticed was that it was near the door which put a crack in my charm. Khulne bandh hine ka aawaz aayega I whined. And 2 hours later I also realized that it had no plug point so I had to use my phone sparingly.

So, comingto the point, what decides beauty of a place? The initial 5 seconds or the experience till the end. Is there something really everlasting? Or is it the human mind that and desire that can never be satiated? Is there something perfect? Everything has flaws no? Why do we look for perfection? Ooooh so many questions. Enough to think over the weekend. Keep smiling

A good cook

I have been cooking past 6 months and after some initial disasters my hubby told me that he has started liking my cooking. After about a month after marriage I asked him if he really liked it coz though the number of disasters had reduced they had not terminated completely,  though the chapati started looking round, it was not soft and evenly cooked. Still he said yes. To check if he is patronizing me or speaking the truth, I asked him if he preferred it to his hostel food. Much to my delight, he said yes. Around 5 months after marriage, he told me that he likes my chapati so much that he can eat it without anything. Now 6 months after marriage when I had finally started liking my cooking, I have realized that there is one more hurdle. I need to learn how to cook well with different instruments as


I am in my village. When I was not at home, there was a snake in the house. My family took care of it. When we returned home, we heard about the heroic efforts it took to remove the snake from the house. I heard them all and was thanking the kind almighty to save me from the situation and also praying that I shouldn’t come across any snakes.

When all the tales ended my mother-in-law looked at my ash white face and asked me if I had seen snakes in Mumbai. I told her that I had never seen a live snake until say before yesterday that too when my husband took me out to show how compost was made in their vegetable garden. Funny thing is it took me over a minute to figure out where the snake was. To this my mother-in-law told me that she has seen many snakes in IIT in her one week stay there. I was so surprised to hear this. To this she added that she has seen snakes in chennai aashram as well when she stayed there for a week. I have visited chennai aashram a couple dozen times but never seen or heard  of snakes.

I was just thinking about all this and realized how interesting all this is. Imagine if we didn’t know about anything negative at all. If we lived in a carefree world, happy and smiling all the time. Immune to snakes, anger etc… is it difficult?


I was slightly sad about how someone was talking to me recently.  A very very good support in my life had been detached and a feeling of loss is crowding my thoughts.

My husband gave me a wonderful piece of advice which has calmed me dramatically.  He compares our expectations to GRE exams. GRE questions start at very very basic level. If you solve it correctly, the next question is slightly harder, if you solve it, the question after that is slightly harder than it and so on.
BUT If you answer the 4th question incorrectly the next question is on 2nd or 1st level depending on your performance so far. Same is with expectations no?

When we meet someone, we have very basic expectations from a person. If the person fulfills some initial expectations then our expectations from them rise. If after sometime they are unable to  fulfill then, we become almost depressed and lower our expectations of them dramatically.

Being aware might help.
Keeping absolutely no expectations helps most.

Keep smiling 🙂

The waiting room

If u look closely, u will realize that this world is not what it seems.  It is in all senses a waiting room. We meet others in a waiting room. Since we are free, we talk, share some part of our lives, smile at most, laugh with few, cry sometimes and when our turn comes, we leave. We meet the doctor and get healed. Sometimes the doctor calls us back and makes us stay in the waiting room again.

If you think that this is your real house…real place of rest or real relatives, then you are mistaken my friends …. we are just people waiting to meet our doctor.

Same shampoo different bottles

I am staying at my mom’s house for a few days after spending almost over 6 months apart.  My sister likes to experiment with shampoos and conditioners. I on the other hand am selective and loyal to few brands. But silly old me forgot to carry my brand or buy any sachet and you the only time I remember this is after wetting my hair. 😉 

But after having washed my hair twice now I have a feeling that no matter which shampoo you use, it is all the same. Much like our soul…. same inside, just different bodies.