I was slightly sad about how someone was talking to me recently.  A very very good support in my life had been detached and a feeling of loss is crowding my thoughts.

My husband gave me a wonderful piece of advice which has calmed me dramatically.  He compares our expectations to GRE exams. GRE questions start at very very basic level. If you solve it correctly, the next question is slightly harder, if you solve it, the question after that is slightly harder than it and so on.
BUT If you answer the 4th question incorrectly the next question is on 2nd or 1st level depending on your performance so far. Same is with expectations no?

When we meet someone, we have very basic expectations from a person. If the person fulfills some initial expectations then our expectations from them rise. If after sometime they are unable to  fulfill then, we become almost depressed and lower our expectations of them dramatically.

Being aware might help.
Keeping absolutely no expectations helps most.

Keep smiling 🙂

2 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Yes you are absolutely correct rhat we must nit keep any expectations ar all.
    if we keep expectations and if they are not fulfilled we feel much depressed.

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