Kanda Bhaji

How many of you lovely people like kanda bhaji? Ummmmm Or pyaazi or kanda pakoda or onion fritters as it is deliciously called in different languages. I was eating it yesterday and questioning myself of the poor but tasty health choice I had made.

source: cravecookclick.com

What is it that I like in it? It is actually raw onion along with some spices dipped in a besan mixture. I didn’t like raw onions before marriage. My mom had lovingly told me that a lot of  changes happen after marriage but I never expected this.

Though my mouth is watering just thinking about it, I wonder why we like it? Is it the succulent onion or the khati meethi chatni that comes along?

FUN fact : Did you know that kanda bhaji is also called kekda bhaji? It is because onions take whatever shape they want during the mixture and it mostly resemble like a Kekda (crab)

The mumbai weather today is just perfect for it. 😀

One thought on “Kanda Bhaji

  1. Kanda Bhaji is always delicious to eat and specially in the monsoon season when we happen to go to lonavla. It goes very well with hot tea. The taste is added not only due to kanda but also b’cos of the khati and meethi chatni.My wife was earlier not eating onions but now she relishes Kanda Bhaji whenever she gets an oppurtunity to make it for all of us and also enjoy eating it.

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