Difference in man and dog

Source: Internet

I was waiting for my husband to get me coffee. We were in his office canteen. The canteen is just next to the entrance of the building. I was facing the entrance and enjoying the surprise rains we are all facing in Mumbai thanks to Phalin.

Just then, I noticed that the dog who was sitting somewhere inside, came at the door and wanted to go outside. Like all of us, it didn’t want to get wet and catch cold. It looked at people with umbrellas going out as if trying to hitch a ride. No one noticed the poor dog. After 2 or 3 attempts it decided to go in the rain. I felt sorry for the dog and decided to enjoy my machine made coffee. About a minute after that, I saw a student waiting at the door. I was just thinking how lucky we humans are for we have the ability to communicate. The student saw 1 girl go. I thought that he must be shy of approaching a girl. Then there was a man who went. Then another. The student just didn’t ask anyone. How sad. In a blink of an eye, he gave up, and went out in the rain. I was feeling angry, miserable and weird at the same time. Why didn’t he communicate? why didn’t he ask for help? We are given this human birth for a very important reason – an opportunity. It is definitely a rare opportunity. Why waste it?

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