Worst fear came true

I am sort of scared of the dark. Being alone in the house at night without electricity is my worst fear.

Dark room

Dark room

It came true 😦 😦 😦

Everything went silent for a while. Fear spread faster than darkness. My body just froze.* I went blank. It took a few seconds for the light to come inside the hall and for my eyes to adjust to the newcome darkness.

As my breathing returned to normal, I realized that the sound too had reduced drastically. What an irony, with no electricity, the sound reduces. My fear evaded me slowly as I looked at the moving cars outside. I looked at the beautiful and majestic powai lake in the night. Darkness didn’t affect it all. It seemed more glittering than usual. Darkness made it even prettier than before. The lights of cars chasing each other by the lake.

I still felt alone.

Just then, somebody dropped a vessel in the house above me and I realized that there is somebody staying just about 6 feet above me. I dropped a vessel too. Don’t really know why. Maybe I wanted to make a connection like the movie “The Lunchbox”, I can be so filmy sometimes!

Anyway, coming to the point, I had never thought of people other than in me in my building. We are separated by 1 foot of concrete? Is that it?

This realization makes me feel soooo foolish. There are people staying above and below me. Why do we feel alone?

I do hear them move their furniture sometimes, I hear them drop vessels, I hear them flush. I hear babies crying in some buildings sometimes. We are surrounded by people obviously! How can I or U be alone?

You know how they say that “Darr ke aage jeet hai”

It’s true 🙂

I have realized that confronting or having to confront a fear can be very pleasurable. Do share your lovely experiences. 🙂

PS – * The description of fear freezing my body is just a figment of my ever so wild imagination. Honestly, I was very scared and don’t know what happened.

One thought on “Worst fear came true

  1. Darkness is something many people get fear from time to time. My wife was fearing darkness when she was small and she never used to go to see a movie in a cinema hall b’cos of darkness till she reached Std X. She was able to overcome that fear subsequently. Your experience is nothing unusual and if you are able to overcome the same sooner or later it is for your good only.

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