The worst day of my life.

This post could also be called a normal day in the life of a housewife or the hazards of cooking but yesterday was definitely the worst day of my life.

My  household to do list included washing the sofa covers, making ghee, lunch and washing hair mainly.


Though everything went well till my hubby left, after straightening the house and few other things I realized that it was 11 and I should start with the ghee in order to have lunch before my stomach starts growling. I decided to wash the covers first so that it could dry by the end of the day. I don’t know what took me so much time. Errr oh yes. Facebook, music, phone calls. At 1230 I felt the first twinge of hunger and decided to make aata for chapati. I took out suran from the fridge. I started with kneading the aata and remembered about soaking the suran in lemon. Since it had to soak and aata had to be kept for a while, I decided to start the ghee making process. Here is what went wrong.

The water for ghee was too hot and the whole butter just melted. I didn’t know what to do with it now as this was my third experience of making ghee. The suran was the itchy kind. My hubby tells me that it is called “buno ol” in bangla. My hands itched terribly. I called my hubby for help and he told me to rub lemon. I had ground red chillies previously and the lemon burnt like hell. I couldn’t obviously make chapatis nor unload the machine or apply oil in my hair. The whole scenario was so sordid that it moved me to tears. To make things worse my stomach started growling.

It took a few raindrops for the affirmations to kick in. I came back to senses and tried to make the best of the situation. I prayed to my memories of Kapil Sharma to make me laugh and live. I made maggi. While eating, I realized that this was not the end of the world obviously. I Called my guardian angel, my mom and she told me to let the mixture be. The butter will come up automatically. It did. The itchiness ceased in some time and I realized that

1 momma is always right
2 you can’t beat experience
3 a patient and mature husbands is a blessing. Girls, ALWAYS marry someone more mature than you.
4 sometimes letting things be can actually be useful.

If you are a guy and you have finished reading, I appreciate your patience and sensitivity. The ladies in your life are lucky.

If you are a girl, well share your miserable experiences here… it might just make me feel not so alone.

Where will you run to?


I was watching the movie – Sister Act and realized that nuns have a very strict schedule. They get up at 5 am, and sleep around 9 pm. As most of you know, I have trouble getting up at 6 am sometimes. Though things are going well now, I hope it continues.

With time, the life of nuns have found a very special place in my system. If required, they work in the church or pray all day. Occasionally they have a choir session where they sing to Him. I find it all so beautiful.


Completely disconnected from the outer world, they are only connected with Him.

Completely away from the outer world, they are only near Him.

Completely detached from the outer world, they are only attached to Him.

Completely unaware of the outer world, they are only aware of Him.

Completely estranged from the outer world, they are only related to Him.

Though a part of me yearns to live like this, there are other parts of me which want fame, pleasure, pani puri, relations, jokes etc. Thankfully I am in a very blessed place which allows me the balance between spirituality and materialism.

Though a part of me wants this forced discipline as if I am my own strict well wisher and know that this is probably the only way to be good at the practice, a small voice inside me reminded me that I can assume I am living there while staying in the physical world.

Why is that, that even after knowing what is good for us, we are unable to do it?

Why is planning done but action not so much?

Why is preaching easy but practice not so much.

Why is our imagination so good but will power not so much?

Why do we need oppression or a strict disciplinarian to make us do things we can enjoy and do with freedom?

Thankfully I have been taught that there is no point of living in the forest when you are thinking about home. What desires wil you overcome if there are no attractions in the first place? It is better to make your own home an aashram rather than running away from the merry go round of life to an aashram. No?

The secret on being patient

I am going through some sort of a writer’s block. When I check Facebook, I see other people writing for newspapers and here I am, jealous and sulking, finding nothing to write. Forget getting something published, I don’t have much ideas or thoughts that I would want to write about.

I was thinking about this situation when a thought struck me. Why do I write? Where do these ideas come from? Why do I have this urge to write? Am I in anyway doing anything to get ideas or do they just come like a lost bag on the doorstep of my heart and I post it on my blog for people to check if it belongs to anyone. Aren’t the readers also looking for something or why would we read?

In the middle of writing and wanting to write and seeing my name in the newspaper or magazine or say even a book… I have discovered the secret on being patient.

Patient – the word is as boring as it is to be….or is it?

The secret is in the following steps.

1  Acceptance – there is absolutely no benefit in fighting with yourself.  Ideas come from above. If you are meant to write, relax, you will.

2  Pray – when I used to write my diary my dad used to joke that god had nothing better to do but hear me complain or whine. You know what, he really doesn’t. I find a lot of strength in writing. It is my form of praying.  No matter what your form is, Pray. Ask. Demand. Believe. Be worthy.

3 Be busy – In the meantime keep yourself busy with something. Take the drunken monkey of a mind and watch comedy nights with kapil sharma. Make tomato chutney or amla ka achar for your hubby. Do something but not worry. Do anything but don’t worry. It is truly a waste of your imagination.

In the end, I am also learning that in the process of learning how to be patient, I need to be patient with myself too. We need to understand that we may want to do a thousand things in a day and we might do 1200 things instead out of which only 800 match. So what? We do more than what we plan, only not what we plan. No? So accept, breathe, laugh, pray, (for me too)live, learn, breathe, do.