The creator understand the creation

I was looking at an accomplished photographer’s pictures on FB. What was so special about his pics that I didn’t have? This comment kept pricking me with every new photo and was probably pricking because there was a stage in life when I too wanted to be a photographer.

Ranbir Kapoor with camera


I had sent pics to national Geographic and other contests that I found online but nothing got published anywhere but in my google album.

I think the desire was there since a long time but increased after I saw the movie Wake up Sid

I liked clicking pics but with time, I realized that I was the only one who liked or understood and appreciated my pics.

Now that I think about it, I remember my uncle showing me some pics in his camera. I was feeling bored because he had clicked his son in the garden but in different poses and his wife at home on the sofa in different poses and with few other people.

So, my realization and the point of writing about all this is that only the creator can truly understand the creation. For my uncle, the physical form of love is his family. He captured it and was happy to show and share it with others. I obviously don’t and can’t feel the same amount of love that he does for them.

Similarly, the photographers capture what they love and love what they capture. It is not necessary for others to understand or follow. You were not there. You don’t know the background. You don’t know what else was there to be clicked. Why the angle, Why the.. and y the…whatevers

It is like modern art or many other art pieces we see. We see and try to figure out the specialty. The little creative part of me always questions – What is so special about it? I could paint it. I also know that I don’t understand art. But how can I? I don’t know the history or reason. I am sure that every piece has a story that only the painter really understands and it is difficult to express and share.

The potter knows how weak we are. The potter knows in mud we mire

So my point also is for everyone who feels that they don’t understand themselves or for my friends who think that others don’t understand them.

How can they?

How many people truly know your history. I had read some place that the longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself. So don’t be angry or upset if you think others don’t understand you. I hope you can be rest assured that your creator surely has a purpose of creating you and does understand you.

Keep smiling!

PS – I wonder what my artist friends have to say for this.


U will always find a way

As u might know, we have just shifted. Hence, I had switched the old refrigerator and transferred stuff to the new one . I drained the water once and then got busy in settling in the house. I knew there would be some stagnant water but not till yesterday did I see small flies in the refrigerator.
Though the refrigerator was almost clean, there was little bit of mess here and there. What puzzles me is that the flies found the way inside the refrigerator. It is so enlightening if u think about it. Same way how the worm finds it apple.

My realization is for all the professionals out there. People who need your services Will find  the way to reach you. There is absolutely no doubt to it.

From my personal experience as a graphologist who used to be so very anxious about getting clients, now I see that people find me without me advertising as such. So what is there to worry. Relax. Enjoy. People who need you will most definitely reach you. The best thing to do is to hone your skills and try to be the best.

U know how they say, where there is a will, there ia a way…

Ps- I don’t say to stop all marketing efforts. Do the basic and wait to be found.

On living for today

This post could also be called – The choice- part 2 because the idea came to me sometime after I wrote the post. 

I was getting ready to go out and was mentally telling myself that I will breathe and live more deeply from now. I was about to wear my perfume and my hand went to a normal perfume. I realized what I was doing. My brother in law has given me 3 worlds best perfume (according to me atleast) and I have enough perfumes that I can wear different perfume on each day of the week. Still I chose a perfume  that I think is not that great and leave the new ones for some “special” occassion. As my mom would say it  – kya special aur kya occasion? Pagal!  (What special and what occasion.)

Who knows if I will live enough to wear the special perfume tomorrow. Or if the perfume bottle will survive my clumsy hands. So many ifs….

I wore the perfume that I really like wearing (and actually wanted to) and truly felt a sense of peace and happiness 🙂

So, the point remains- live. live and truly cherish every moment. Live fully. Live completely.  May this be your last round on earth. Enjoy. May we meet on the other side. 😉

Kal ho na ho! 😉

If u have had such moments and enjoy living each moment, I would really love to hear them. It might give me the initial push 🙂 keep smiling and celebrate the child spark…not just today,  Always 😉

The choice

I went through my third shifting this yr. Some very kind people helped us with the process. Though we were in company of friends, I realized that are always 2 ways of doing things.  Though we all know this already, meri batti shifting karte samay chamki.

The realization is that one can either do things for the sake of doing it or one can understand that even if you are doing something  tedious for the third time, you might as well enjoy it. We are all so busy and so unknowingly just working and working…to the height that we invent work when we are free. Why do we aim at finishing the task rather than living?

I knew someone when I was in college. It was leisure time as exams had just ended. We were coming back in the same train. We had just started the journey and while I was looking out the window she asked me “what do we do now? Do u like want to read or talk?” I don’t remember what I told her but we did read that day. As I look back at this incident, I regret not living in the moment. Though I know that there is no point in this and now I know I am living a more relaxed, spontaneous life, I hope u all too understand this.

Here’s to deep breathing and enjoying everything. Someone wise has said that we are not humans having a divine experience, we are divine beings having a human experience.

So, don’t worry, be happy