Learnings from some gravel

This post is dedicated to Rani, my neighbour who is responsible for this new spirit of gardening!

My hubby finally got me some soil for my plants after a small wait. Unfortunately he got it wrong. What he got was more gravel, less soil. Since I had to plant, I used it and kept it on the farthest side in the window possible to forget about things.

I had sort of given up on gardening as I didn’t have anyone to look at the plants when I was gone. We shifted a month back and with His grace, I found some really nice neighbours and my spirit of gardening is back.

I was planting something for my kitchen window and thought of reading up on the ideal potting mix and from what I have learned, a little bit of gravel with brick at the base is best for the plant for scientific and gardening reasons. Though I used brick, gravel seems so easy to use.

So, here are my learnings from Gravel

  • Have patience
  • All things work out in the end
  • Things that look wrong could help u someday.
  • Some man’s meat is some man’s poison
  • All things really will work out in the end.
  • My husband is the best. 🙂

Keep smiling and have a wonderful wonderful wonderful new year.

I feel like a queen

I think I was born for royalty. I am living in a hotel past few days with no fixed agenda. I have nothing planned and absolutely no responsibilities. I have a television which has discovery channel and comedy nights with kapil. Though I am busy discovering Bangalore so have not spent more than an hour with the tv.

Staying in a hotel room has a lot of advantages. I don’t have to cook, clean or anything. The housekeeping not only does the dusting but even comes and makes the bed. What else is left? I have all the time to think, read, write and wander.

A very tiny part of me is getting homesick. I occasionally worry about my plants and miss the simple dal khichdi but now I understand the true importance of taking a break like this. No worries. Hope we are all able to live like this for sometime 😉

one more reason that contributed in making me feel like a queen is dove Soap. I had participated in dove contest and got 2 dove bars and I packed it for my trip to bengaluru. The fact that dove works in hard water is just awesome. Thanks dove  http://www.dove.in/en/Products/Bar-Body-Wash/Bar/Cream-Beauty-Bathing-Bar.aspx

Respect the living

My nani passed away recently and everyone in the family was present.
When we decide to go out or plan a dinner, excuses are thrown in the air.
Such instances make me angry, disappointed and really very sad.
Is this a sign of respect for the dead? What about the living?

We see everyone posting such meaningful things about Nelson mandela, it is sad that all of this mostly happens after the person passes away. Why for the dead?  Why not for the living?

Why don’t we express ourselves to the living? Don’t we treat the living as dead?

Squeeze away what you think is bad!

I was in my village few months back. The terrace has a light switch that was on during the day but went unnoticed in the bright daylight. We saw it at night. I felt bad that nobody had noticed it but I soon realized that this is how things are with most of us. We need a little bit of darkness to see the light.

So next time you see anything that you feel is not right, try to embrace it.

Accept it.

Embrace it

Embrace it so tight that it is all squeezed out from existence and there is only love and other good things left.


On this note, I really want to thank rohan for writing what I feel is a negative comment. I can’t deny that I was upset for about a minute, soon I realized that it was my first negative comment. How can I not celebrate? The comment got my dear husband to comment and make me the happiest person on earth 🙂 I got a Liebster award. I like the the sound of it.

It ended up with people adding me to their circles and also on indiblogger.

Got nothing to whine abt. So next time you feel there is something wrong in your life…. u know what to do.

Please keep smiling.

Life is just tooo short to do anything else but be happy.